Bible Study Program Graduation and Celebration of Posada at the Assumptionist Center

On Saturday, December 16, Assumptionist Brother Hugo Morales held two important events at the Assumptionist center in Brighton. The first one was the graduation of 30 Latinos from 11 different countries of Latin America (Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Salvador, Venezuela, Peru, Panama, Honduras, Ecuador and Dominican Republic) who successfully finished their bible course. Most of them are currently living in Brighton and Worcester. This activity began with the Eucharist of thanksgiving for all they had learned. The second was the celebration of the posada and Christmas novena with the participation of almost 100 Latinos from our parish of St. Collumbkille. Finally, we would like to share a few words from Wendy Amaya, a Latina from Salvador, about what it meant to her to take this wonderful Bible course.

Opening the heart to God through the Bible by Wendy Amaya

Bro. Hugo

I started this wonderful online Bible course together with my other companions and friends of my parish in August. Thanks to the invitation we received from Assumptionist brother Hugo Morales who came to our parish a year and a half ago. He has been looking for ways to get involved and help in the formation of the Hispanic community of St. Columbkille. Before starting the Bible course, he already had a formation group on Sundays and Fridays, which my mother attended and it was because I had to wait for her to finish the class that I started to get involved with the group. At the beginning, like most of us who signed up, I did it to collaborate for the work of the Assumptionists in their parish in El Paso, Texas to help immigrants, but as we went through the classes I realized that it was a very interesting course, with a lot of information to learn and also with a lot of homework. It was not easy because between work, my personal activities and my work in the parish I felt that it was too much because of the tasks and the lack of time, but God was helping me to do everything and although I was a little late I thank God for reaching the end of this Bible course.

Personally I learned many things about the Bible, some I already knew and others I didn’t, but above all this course led me to open my heart more to God and to discover that every day He speaks to me through His Word and that I should meditate on it, keep it and ruminate on it in my heart so that little by little I can transform myself into the person God wants me to be. Only if I let God transform my heart and my life will I be able to show others the wonders of God. It is important that we know Him, love Him and strive to reach eternal life, a life where everything will be joy because we will see God face to face. Thank you brother Hugo for your dedication and patience with us, may God continue to bless your ministry and help each one of us to be able to apply in our lives what we have learned so that other people can also come closer to God and experience his love.

Grateful to the religious community of Augustinians of the Assumption for allowing Brother Hugo to teach us about the Bible in order to be true disciples of Jesus.

Wendy Ayala