Augustinians of the Assumption - United States

Lay Assumptionists

Called together in mission, Lay Assumptionists are lay women and men who, together with the vowed religious, share in the spirituality and the charism of the Congregation to work for the Kingdom of God in today’s world. Our roots, as an Assumption family, are grounded in the founder’s three great loves: love of Jesus, Mary and the Church.

Lay Assumptionists

A Lay Assumptionist is “one who commits him/herself to living their baptismal vocation and the mission that flows from within the Assumption, within the Church and within society.” (Way of Life for Lay Assumptionists)

In the contemporary world, Lay Assumptionists and the vowed religious priests and brothers bear witness to the Gospel in a variety of ways, wherever the Spirit calls us to respond to the needs of God’s people.

Are you called to be a Lay Assumptionist?

Lay AssumptionistsComing from all walks of life and attracted by the Congregation’s spirit and mission, Lay Assumptionists come together to share their lives and apostolic experiences within the Assumption Family.

Lay Assumptionists, like the vowed religious, are provided a period of formation.
Our four fundamental elements:
1) Welcoming Christ as He is found in the Scriptures.
2) Discovering the charism of the founder, Fr. Emmanuel d’Alzon and the Assumption.
3) Living, celebrating, and transmitting the Assumptionist spirituality in all its dimensions.
4) Reaffirming our vocation and our mission as lay people together with the religious.

If you are yearning to grow in your spiritual life, are committed to service, and feel called to journey with us as Lay Assumptionists, please feel free to contact us at:

The Assumptionists
330 Market St. Brighton, MA 02135
(617) 783-0400