Rule of Life

Our Rule of Life begins: “Assumptionists, we are religious who live in apostolic community.” Zeal for the Kingdom of God is what inspired the founding of the Assumption. Over a century and a half, we have acquired experience in, and a reputation for, a number of major apostolates in the Church. In the US Region we focus on the folwoing:

This list does not do justice to the rich variety of apostolates in which we are engaged. In fact, we are well known for this diversity. We continue to invest considerable efforts in the service of many foreign missions (e.g. Mexico and East Africa) with plans to open new foundations soon in the Philippines, Vietnam and West Africa.

“Working like four” is an expression from the founder that we are fond of quoting; throughout the world Assumptionists are known to be men of extraordinary apostolic energy. But we are also men who work willingly in collaboration with others. Perhaps too modest, we tend not to draw attention to ourselves. Our primary focus is the Church, not on our own religious family. We are driven by deeply held convictions, but are more preoccupied with communion and dialogue than with imposing our way, our style, or a particular ideology. It is our strong desire to make the Gospel known to all men and women in world that are accessible to them and thus to hasten the coming of God’s Kingdom.