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Prince of Peace School Complex-Beni

September 2023

Dear Readers,
Welcome to a new edition of the Prince of Peace newsletter. Time is flying by. We are already coming to the end of our summer vacation.

The school year ended on July 2. Our students did well; 95% will be moving on to the next grade. Those in their last year of high school are awaiting the results of the State exams to see how well they did. They are optimistic but, naturally, a little anxious. The results should be appearing soon.

As far as ongoing construction is concerned, we continue, with your help, to lay the foundations of those facilities that will allow our students to succeed as well as possible. During the 2023-2024 school-year we see the need to build three additional classrooms for students at the high school level.

However, the principal topic of this issue is to introduce you to some of our teachers. Over time you have met a good number of our students. It’s now time to meet some of the teachers, those who have dedicated their lives to advancing the education of our students.

Serge Wasingya Kasilongo

Serge Wasingya Kasilongo

Introduce yourself to our readers

My name is Serge Wasingya Kasilongo. I have been teaching here at the school from its very beginning. I’m responsible for classes in French, Music, Civics, and Moral Education.

What has your experience been like here at the school?

I have learned a lot here in the way the school provides a framework for students, with weekly Mass and days of recollection throughout the year.
I find that the way our students behave socially and morally once they leave here distinguishes them from other students. Our students as well as our teachers are humble, full of compassion, and helpful. It’s really quite remarkable.

I feel quite comfortable here at Prince of Peace. I would like to contribute to its development as much as possible. I encourage parents to bring their children to us for a high-quality education at all levels: scientific, social, spiritual, moral, etc.

What do you think about the future of the school?

Our school has a bright future, despite the security situation in the Beni area, which leaves a lot to be desired. Personally, I think we need to increase the number of study options for our students. In fact, every year there are students who change schools because they haven’t found their option at our school. We probably need to open a literature section for the study of Latin and philosophy. Some parents are waiting for this possibility for their children.

What’s more, we need a library with a wide range of textbooks. Admittedly, we’re already better supplied than other schools. But, as a French teacher, I dream of a rich reference library here in Beni. In addition to course textbooks, I’d like our library to be stocked with novels, science books, and so on.

In conclusion, I would like to say a big thank you to all those who help us, in any way they can, in our educational work here in Beni. Please accept my gratitude.

I remain convinced that our school contributes a great deal to the restoration of lasting peace in our environment through the education of our young people.

Charlène Mulenze

Charlène Mulenze

Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Charlène Mulenze. I’m an eighth-grade general education teacher. I also teach life education. I’ve been here since 2020.

Can you give a short personal testimony about the school?

Here at Prince of Peace, I’m impressed with the general level of discipline.  There’s a peaceful atmosphere in our school.  The administration, teachers and students work very closely together.

The spiritual dimension is remarkable. It always gives me a boost, especially when I’m going through the trials of everyday life.

There’s respect for all. The teachers’ grievances are heard.

As for the future, I’m confident. I hope our school can continue to grow and become one of Beni’s great schools. I’m not just talking about numbers, but also about the quality of the education we offer.

I also hope that teachers will be well paid to encourage them more in what they do.

Chantal Limasi

Chantal Limasi


I’m Chantal Limasi. I am married and have one daughter.

I’ve been a teacher at Prince of Peace since the 2017-2018 school year, so I’m in my 6th year here. I spent 3 years doing remedial work with older students, a program that runs in the afternoons. Now I’m teaching 2nd grade.

What do you think of the school?

For me, Prince of Prince is exemplary. The discipline and rigor evident here make it one of the best schools in the area. Parents are also proud of the school they have chosen for their children. Passing the state exams has had a positive impact on both students and parents: parents’ confidence in us has increased.

The mutual respect, family spirit and the care I see at every level are some of the reasons I came here. My current wish is to see our school authorities continue to cultivate this spirit.

What does the future hold?

The future of our school is bright and promising. We need to keep up our efforts; we need to keep improving the level of teaching and learning as well as the facilities.

I hope that in the near future we could provide a recreation area for students. This would be a great help in supervising them. We also need a chapel for our weekly school masses.

Thank you for your support of our school. It is contributing to the future of our children and our country.

Cécile Tango

Cécile Tango


My name is Cécile Tango. I have been a kindergarten teacher here since 2017. I studied general education. I believe I have a vocation for teaching. I love working with the little ones and they give me a lot of energy.


I feel I belong here. This school has opened up my mind thanks to the different pedagogical and administrative initiatives and programs. The discipline makes this school one of the best in Beni. I’m proud to contribute to this.

The evolution of the school has been positive. We have developed a comprehensive program from nursery school to high school. That helps to provide an excellent education for any student who comes here.

What do you think about the future?

School administrators should continue to work on improving teachers’ living conditions. And we teachers must continue to give the best of ourselves.

Finally, I would like to ask our benefactors to provide financial support for the construction of a small playground for the kindergarten children. It would be a great help.

Sifa Muhayirwa

Sifa Muhayirwa


My name is Sifa Muhayirwa. I’m a kindergarten teacher and feel entirely at home here. I’m in my second year.


The time I’ve spent here at the school leads me to say that this school takes the supervision of teachers and students very seriously. This has enabled me to improve on a daily basis as a teacher. This school has taught me to acquire a sense of order and to be responsible for my class.

Throughout our city, the school has a good reputation for the education of its students and the discipline at all levels. With this asset, our school has a bright future.

For the future

For quality teaching that combines theory and practice, we’ll need more laboratories, children’s toys and play areas.

I also see the number of students increasing annually. I think we’ll soon need more classrooms at the kindergarten level.

Emmanuel Kikongolo

Emmanuel Kikongolo


My name is Emmanuel Kikongolo. I’m a 4th grade primary school teacher. I live in Beni and have been teaching at Prince of Peace since 2020.


Our school is a good school. I say this from the bottom of my heart, and not just because I teach here. Indeed, Prince of Peace meets all the requirements of a good school: buildings, layout, teacher training and student recruitment.

One of our distinctive traits, training in the culture of peace, is an important hallmark for everyone here at the school.

I hope that we will strengthen collaboration with other Assumptionist schools to create a network of solid, reliable schools. Discipline must remain a priority.

One safety concern that I have is the need to build a fence around the school.

Euphrasie Vasombolene

Euphrasie Vasombolene


My name is Euphrasie Vasombolene. I have been teaching here since the 2018-2019 school year. I teach second-graders.


At Prince of Peace I feel like I am part of a family. The spirit of collaboration allows everyone to give their best.  Our students are proud to be identified as Prince of Peace students. The teachers are no exception. That’s what drives me and gives me the energy I need for my work.

Discipline and rigor give good results. Together with the students and the administration, we all strive for excellence.

Integral education is a hallmark of our school: not just knowledge, but education in humanity, peace, reconciliation and tolerance.

We have a long way to go to see the results of our efforts in tomorrow’s society. But we believe that our people will contribute their share to building a better Congo.

Finally, personally, I’d like to see more investment in computer workshops to help our children master this tool from an early age.

I am happy to have had the opportunity to present just a few of our dedicated teachers. If the school enjoys the reputation it has, it is in large part due to the quality of our staff. I wish to thank all of you for your interest, prayers, and financial aid without which Prince of Peace would still be a dream.

Prince of Peace School Complex-Beni

August 2023
Salvator Musande, A.A.
Provincial Treasurer