Chapter of Implementation 2023

Chapter of Implementation 2023

Chapter of Implementation 2023


DAY ONE, August 20, Sunday

After almost a day of traveling, a majority of the capitulants have settled here at the De La Salle Retreat Center in Cuernavaca, Mexico for the Provincial Chapter of Implementation. With Fr. Chi Ai as our new Provincial Superior at the helm, the important task of this chapter is to look back at the proposals made at Provincial Chapter earlier last January and at the orientations given by the General Chapter held recently in June in Rome. Under the Spirit’s guidance, the chapter seeks to map out a course of action for the Province moving forward.

Most of the capitulants have come from their different Mission Coop assignments and some from the World Youth Day and Lourdes pilgrimages. There was no time wasted— the capitulants, in their respective language groups, dedicated the whole morning reflecting on some of the themes raised by Fr. Julian during the General Chapter Retreat and also on the points raised by the Orientation Text used by the General Chapter.

In the afternoon, Fr. Chi Ai opened the chapter by highlighting four principles of building community from Pope Francis. From these four points, the Provincial raised four guiding questions:
• When we make decisions, do we give priority to time or to space? In individual but also provincial decisions
• How do we deal with conflicts in our community?
• Are our community discernments rooted in our experiences or in theory?
• Do we work on a small scale within a larger perspective? Do we focus on what is going on in a larger scale, while also focusing on what is going on locally?

Of course, elections and nominations have been made. Fr. Edward Shatov was elected to replace Fr. Chi Ai as a member of the Chapter Steering Committee. Then, the Chapter confirmed the Provincial Superior’s members of his Provincial Council:

• First Assistant/ Vicar of the Provincial: Fr. Dennis Gallagher
• Second Assistant/ Provincial Director of Formation: Fr. Miguel Diaz
• Third Assistant/ Provincial Treasurer: Fr. Rodel Cervantes

Chapter of Implementation 2023

It can be noted that each member of the Provincial Council will take on specific tasks and responsibilities.

Fr. Benoit Bigard, as a member of the new General Council, is attending our provincial chapter.

DAY TWO, August 21, Monday

The capitulants spent the whole day in their small groups to map out proposals to be presented during the plenary sessions of the Chapter.

Chapter of Implementation 2023

A group on Mission consists of Flavio Bustos, Richard Lamoureux and Irvin Santiago Martinez. Another group on Mission has been formed to include Dennis Gallagher, Peter Precourt and Chi Ai Nguyen.

Chapter of Implementation 2023

Fraternal Life and Lay Religious Alliance: Patty Haggerty, Maricarmen Martinez, Blair Nuyda, and Edward Shatov.

Vocation Ministry, Formation, Leadership: Daniele Caglioni, Oswaldo García Sanchez, Louis Kivuya, Miguel Diaz Ayllon (guest).

Finances: Daniele Caglioni, Oswaldo García Sanchez, Rodel Cervantes Sapalo (guest), Tomasz Jaster (guest).

Prepared by:
Br. Blair and Br. Daniele
Chapter Secretaries