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A meditation without a practical resolution is an empty meditation.
- Emmanuel d'Alzon

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Fr. Étienne Pernet A.A. (1824-1899)

Fr. Étienne Pernet A.A. (1824-1899)PROMINENT ASSUMPTIONIST Fr. Étienne Pernet, one of Fr. d’Alzon’s first disciples and founder of the Little Sisters of the Assumption

Étienne Pernet was born on the July 23, 1824 at Vellexon, a small village in eastern France, into a Christian family, country people of humble background. His father was an agricultural laborer and also worked at the blast furnaces attached to the ironworks in the region. His mother, Magdeleine Cordelet was the village midwife. Étienne was the second of seven children, of whom only four survived.

As a child, he wanted to become a priest. He was fourteen years old when his father died. His personality was formed by his mother, a simple woman who was greatly loved in the village. In spite of the difficult financial situation they were in, his mother didn't place any obstacle in the way of his vocation and Étienne Pernet entered the seminary. He had a lively intelligence and a simple and anxious temperament.

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