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What is adoration? It is the recognition of the reign of God over all creatures, and over us.
- Emmanuel d'Alzon

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Chinese priest shares his vocation story with CHS students

Fr. Zhang speaking to Mrs. Farland's classFather Joseph Zhang remembers his mother telling him when he was quite small, “Today is Ash Wednesday and we have to fast.”

When he asked her what “to fast” meant, she told him there would be no meals in the house that day.

“We were so poor there wasn’t ever much food in the house, but I wanted to know why this particular day,” he said. His mother told him “If you fast, you will go to heaven when you die.”

This sounded like such a great idea to the little boy that he went out, found his best friend and said they should fast together so that they would go to heaven together. When his mother overheard, she was horrified. She told him to be quiet. He wasn’t allowed to tell anyone he was fasting.

He couldn’t tell anyone he was Catholic. This was China in about 1984 and the church was not “open.”

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