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1993-2013: A Look at 20 years of a Novel Idea: "Summer Universities"

1993-2013: A Look at 20 years of a Novel Idea: "Summer Universities"

Bernard Jouanno, A.A.

From 1993 to 2013, 10 workshops known as "Assumptionist summer universities" (universités d’été assomptionnistes/UAE) have taken place in France

by Bernard Jouanno, A.A.

The first of these workshops took place in 1993 at the Assumptionist-run reception center near Lyon, France. It had as a theme: "Building Cities for Your Children" and as it aim: "an analysis of the place of the city and its mysteries and traditional structures, to uncover urban culture, and in this context, to re-examine the role of the Church."

Behind this initiative of summer universities was a group of men and women religious of the Assumption Family as well as lay friends taken up with Assumptionist spirituality. They hoped to build on similar efforts that had taken place over the years since Vatican II.

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