Wisdom from CatholicTV’s Rev. Bob Reed and Pope Francis

Wisdom from CatholicTV’s Rev. Bob Reed and Pope Francis


Members of the Augustinians of the Assumption, as well as its communications and vocations team, recently attended a conference in Watertown called “Co-Workers in the Vineyard,” meant to offer tips for evangelization, especially in the age of new media.

The Rev. Bob Reed, president of the CatholicTV Network, gave one of the keynote addresses. His was on a familiar topic:  Pope Francis and what he has done during his pontificate.

He said it was about how we can bring Pope Francis to our community, but really, though, it was about how we can all be better Catholics. I’m reposting Reed’s tips below, because they can help all of us.

1.) Build bridges.

2.) Pray for people.

3.) Ask people to pray for you.

4.) Look people in the eyes.

5.) Smile.

6.) Be faithful to your vocation, the poor, the community, your family, and your commitments.

7.) Encourage reverence for the liturgy.

8.) Insist on good music.

9.) Preach with conviction.

10.) Go out of the way.

11.) Love the kids.

12.) Ask for mercy.

13.) See and encounter Jesus.

14.) Conversation is key.

15.) Break bread with people.

16.) Surprise people:  call or write them.

17.) Move out of your comfort zone.

18.) Be devoted.

19.) Bow out when the job is done.

20.) Thank God for your blessings.