Augustinians of the Assumption – United States

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Peter Precourt, A.A.

Dear friends,

I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the US region of the Assumptionists.   We are confident that it will serve as an important complement to our Congregational web site and provide helpful information regarding the people, places, and events of the region.  Three distinct regions in one North American Province – our new structures bear some resemblance to the mystery of the Trinity.  Since our inception as a separate entity in April of 2003,  the US region has taken its bearings from a mission statement which centers us in Christ, encourages us to be responsive to the needs of our time, and commits us to collaborative leadership and formation in the Church.

What has marked our lives in recent years, perhaps more significantly than any other event, has been the shepherding of the so-called Filipino project, which has implicated us directly in the establishment of a new foundation in the Philippines.   From the modest beginnings of one candidate six years ago, our communities have welcomed as many as twelve Asian candidates since then, many of whom will serve as the native building blocks for an Assumptionist mission scheduled to begin in Manila in February of 2006.   The presence of young men in formation has been a signal blessing for our communities, even as it has stretched our resources, both personal and financial.

The Assumptionists

Signs of renewed life are surfacing in other places as well:   the revitalization of an Assumptionist Center in Brighton, in the form of a Christian community comprising both lay and religious; the continued efforts to strengthen the Catholic and Assumptionist mission of Assumption College; the plans for a more vigorous vocation ministry program;  the sharing of our lives more deliberately with lay friends and collaborators, as well as with our religious sisters.   These are the movements of the Spirit which will form the heart of our regional web site.  We are glad to offer it to you and welcome your participation.

Peter Precourt, A.A.

Delegate for the United States