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Lourdes Novena - Santiago, Chile PDF Print E-mail

Ppilgrims gather at shrine of Lourdes in SantiagoThe grotto of Lourdes in Santiago, Chile, administered by the Assumptionists, is clear proof of the action of God –community. It is the same at the grotto of Lourdes in France where the original apparitions took place.

From the very beginning, in France as well as at the grotto in Chile, pilgrimages to the shrine have united social classes. Whether it be organized groups or pilgrims who come individually, no matter the age, social status or culture, all come together here.

To the grotto of Santiago come those in good health or bad, farmers, miners, fishermen, intellectuals, those in uniform, stay-home mothers. Those from blue-collar neighborhoods and those from middle and upper-class ones come together at the grotto in Quinta Normal. There are also priest, men and women religious, members of secular institutes and of various Church movements.

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Remembering ‘Lupita’ PDF Print E-mail

Sr. Guadalupe Eugenia Lama, R.A.Force behind Assumption College's Mexico Mission

William (Bill) Sadd, former professor at Assumption College, writes of the extraordinary experience of knowing Sr. Lupita Lama, RA. With his permission, we share his memories with you.

In Memory of Sr. Guadalupe Eugenia Lama, R.A.
1916 - 2011

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Icons by Donat Lamothe, A.A. PDF Print E-mail

Donat_Icon_11. Mother of God of Tenderness

Also known as Eleousa (Virgin of Tenderness, Tender Mercy). The icon can be recognized by the arm of the Child around the neck of the mother. The face of the Virgin that is looking towards us is full of warmth and human comprehension, but also with deep sadness. It is among the best known in the Western World. It's one of the oldest icons of the type.


Location - Emmanuel House (an Assumptionist Community at Assumption College), Worcester, MA


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Uganda - Land of Martyrs PDF Print E-mail

The Diocese of Lugazi is between Kampala and Jinjaby Fr. Protais Kabila Kalondo, A.A., Regional Superior, East Africa

During our recent provincial chapter, we reaffirmed our commitment to open a mission in Uganda, this nation of martyrs. We will be in the diocese of Lugazi, in a town called Kyavakadde, which means "village of the elders." It is here that we will open a new parish, St. Augustine's. At present, two young Assumptionist priests, Pierre Kisangani and Gilbert Paluku Maghese, are learning the local language of the region since everyone speaks Luganda alone. Together with the bishop, we decided to place them in separate locations for the time being so that they could master the language better and more quickly.

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The Missionary adventure of the Assumptionists in Uganda PDF Print E-mail

The pioneers of the first foundation of the Assumptionist Mission in Uganda have arrived in Kampala from the D.R.Congo. Gilbert Maghese will be the Pastor of the new parish in Uganda. In his message Gilbert writes: “We are in Uganda, Kisangani and myself since Saturday, January 15, 2011. We live in two different parishes for learning the local language Luganda. Kisangani is in Mukono Town, 25 km (15.5 miles) from Kampala city, and I at 10 km (6 miles) from there in the Parish of Naggalama, which will give birth to our own. The county where the future Parish will be built is called Kyavakadde. We will open our parish when we are able to speak Luganda. That is our concern now. We count on your prayers.”

This is a new missionary adventure of the Assumptionists in the Province of Africa at this time of the global recession and difficult financial moment in the congregation. If the mission is successful, the Assumptionists will now be in the three main African English-Speaking Countries where we hope to get vocations to supply our English-speaking missions around the world in the future. The brothers have to study the local language and English before opening the parish. They have arrived in Uganda with a group of four Oblate religious sisters (the feminine branch of the Assumptionists) who are also going to open a new mission in the same country.

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"The ongoing renewal of our mission" PDF Print E-mail

Interview with the Superior General, Very Reverend Richard Lamourex, A.A.

Very Revered Richard Lamoureux, A.A.Q. Fr. Richard, you are quickly coming to the end of your second term (12 years) as superior general of the Assumptionists. Could you share with our readers what has given you the greatest satisfaction during this time?

Although I had some familiarity with a good part of the Congregation before my election in 1999, my travels since to all parts of the Assumption world (I think I’ve circled the globe 5 times in the past 12 years) have put me in touch with the many young men who are in training as Assumptionist religious and priests.  Getting to know them has put me in touch with their tremendous energy and optimism, but also helped me to understand the shape that the world and the Church are taking in this time of very rapid change and development.  Many things have been gratifying experiences during my time as Superior General, but clearly my work with these young confrères has been one of the most enjoyable and enlightening aspects of my mission during these years.

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Assumptionists Organize 2011 Lourdes / World Youth Day Event PDF Print E-mail

Brother Martin in LourdesEvery summer the Assumption Family organizes a series of programs for young people: retreats, pilgrimages, volunteer opportunities, etc. This summer, as in previous years, we are taking advantage of World Youth Day to plan a special program that will not only include WYD but the national pilgrimage to Lourdes as well.

Br. Martin Dulchev, a young Bulgarian Assumptionist who is studying in Lille, France, has been asked to organize international groups who are planning on joining the Assumption Family pilgrimage to Lourdes and participation in World Youth Day in Madrid in August. The following interview will help our readers know more about this program as well as a little about Br. Martin himself.

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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity - Ecumenical Prayer Service PDF Print E-mail

1_RevGordonScrutonOn Friday evening, January 21, 2011, in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, on the campus of Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts, the third annual service for Church Unity during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity brought together Christians of many churches throughout the Commonwealth in spite of the inclement weather.

In his welcoming remarks, Dr. Francesco Cesareo, president of the College, alluded to Pope Benedict’s remarks during his weekly catechesis this past when he said, “We are celebrating the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, in which all believers in Christ are invited to join in prayer to witness the profound bond that exists among them and to invoke the gift of full communion. Providential is the fact that prayer is placed at the center of the path to build unity: this reminds us, once again, that unity cannot be a simple product of human action; it is above all a gift of God, which entails growth in communion with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity - Special Report PDF Print E-mail

Jerusalem CrossThe “Little Flock” of Christians in the Middle East
by Bernard Jouanno, A.A
(Responding to the often expressed desire of numerous bishops in the Middle East, Pope Benedict XVI convoked a special gathering in Rome from October 10-24 with the theme: “The Catholic Church in the Middle East: Communion and Witness.”)

At the intersection of three continents (Africa, Asia, and Europe), at the crossroad of great civilizations, the countries of the Middle East (from Turkey to Iraq, passing through Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine Jordan, and Iran) are experiencing a particularly painful moment today marked by conflict and war. More than others, these countries are dear to believers. Why? Because, in fact, they are the cradle of the three great monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; it was here that they were born and developed. It was here that the Word of God was revealed to the People of Israel who welcomed it and passed it on from generation to generation in its books, which make up the Bible. It was also here that the early Church came to birth and grew thanks to the apostles and first Christians.

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New Community Opens in Alicante, Spain PDF Print E-mail

New Community Opens in Alicante, SpainAfter we closed the communities of Cáceres in 2003 and Almería in 2005, the members of the Province felt that we were concentrating our forces too much in the Madrid area. Given this reality and the arrival of Congolese brothers to work with us, we thought it advisable to open ourselves to new horizons. After the various communities discussed the matter as well as the Council of the Province, we decided in August 2009 to name a committee of 4 religious together with the provincial to look for a site within another diocese where we had never been before.

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