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Life at the Assumptionist Center PDF Print E-mail

By Eric Hesla

Living with the Assumptionists these past two years has been a tremendous blessing, which I will always cherish in my heart. In my experience, it has been a community of prayer, a community of scholars, and a home.

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Prayer for the Church of China - May 24, 2011 PDF Print E-mail

Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for the Church of ChinaAt a time where the situation is difficult for the Catholic Church in China and the relationship with the government is more tense, let us pray the Lord for our Brothers and Sisters in China and let us support them concretely in helping for their formation.

Extend your prayers by supporting our formation programs for Religious and Priests of the Church of China.

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Fr. Benoît Grière was elected Superior General PDF Print E-mail

Fr. Benoît Grière was elected Superior GeneralFather Benedict Grière, 52, was elected Wednesday, May 11th Superior General of the Augustinians of the Assumption, during the 32nd General Chapter of the congregation being held in Rome.

Fr. Benedict succeeds Richard Lamoureux, which has just completed two terms of six years as head of the congregation.

Benoît Grière was born on May 22, 1958, in Chauny (France). After completing his secondary education in Epernay (Marne), he studied medicine at Reims (1976-85) and, simultaneously, began his studies in Philosophy in preparation for the priesthood (1981-87).

He pursued his theological studies at the Seminary of Reims (1987-89) and then at the Catholic Institute of Paris (1989-93). He holds a Masters Degree in Theology.

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Congratulations to Fr. John L. Franck, A.A. PDF Print E-mail

Fr. John L. Franck, A.A.It is with great pride and joy that we announce the election of Fr. John L. Franck, A.A. to the General Council of the Augustinians of the Assumption.  The election took place on May 12, 2011 in Rome during the congregation’s 32nd General Chapter.  Fr. Franck, a delegate to the chapter, has been vocation director for the U.S. Region for the Assumptionists, superior of the local community of Emmanuel House in Worcester, MA, vice chairman of the Assumption College’s Board of Trustees and past provincial of the congregation’s American province.

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John Paul II and the Assumption PDF Print E-mail

John Paul IIDuring the quarter century (1978-2005) when Karol Wojtyla was Pope, the Assumption held four General Chapters (1981, 1987, 1993, 1999). The first of these was marked by an event that had repercussions all over the world: the attempted assassination of the Pope on 13 May 1981.

The audience, during which the capitulants were to be received by the Holy Father, was thus cancelled.·In a telegram sent on 16 May 1981, Fr. Hervé Stephan, Superior General at the time, wrote:·“Dear Holy Father, the members of the Assumptionist General Chapter…were looking forward to the great moment when they would be received in audience.·We have been deeply disturbed by the attempt on your life.·We join everyone in the Church in praying for your intention.

Last Updated on Friday, 20 May 2011 19:13

The 32nd General Chapter of the Augustinians of the Assumption has begun in Rome, Italy. From May  2nd- 23rd, 2011 participants, lay and religious, have gathered from all over the world to reflect and dialogue on their life as Assumptionists (lay and religious), their ministries in light of available resources and the needs of the Church and their organizational structure and governance which will assure the congregation’s future vitality.

05_ChapterRomeMarcelPoirierThe official representatives of the North American Province at this chapter include:

Fr. Marcel Poirier, A.A., provincial,

Fr. Bernard Holzer, A.A., delegate and provincial delegate for the Philippines,

Fr. John Franck, A.A., delegate and vocation director,

Mr. Claude Lamontagne, lay delegate.

05_ChapterRomeHolzer 05_ChapterRomeJohnFrank 05_ChapterRomeClaudeLamontagne

To read more about the Chapter please click here.

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Assumption College SEND Program; Student shares reflection on spring break service project. PDF Print E-mail

SEND Program GroupThe journey had started. I was extremely uncertain about what to expect for a week long SEND trip to Pennsylvania. Little did I know that I was going on one of the greatest trips of my life. Over the next six days, our group visited a homeless shelter, listened to the stories of many who are marginalized in society, worked with a great Habitat for Humanity organization, and had dinner with the Religious of the Assumption sisters who live in Philadelphia and Lansdale.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 May 2011 18:18

On Tuesday night, April, 26, 2011 Msgr. Frank Scollen, the colorful pastor of St. Peter's parish in Worcester attended the last Vocation Discernment Evening of the year at Emmanuel House, the Assumptionist residence on the campus of Assumption College. These evenings, held monthly during the academic year, gather young men from the College and the area who are thinking about priesthood and religious life.

Fr. Salvator Musande A.A.'s Visit To The Milford Catholic Elementary School PDF Print E-mail

Fr. Salvator Musande A.A.'s Visit To The Milford Catholic Elementary SchoolMilford Catholic Elementary School's Pledge to the Congo

When school began this year, Mrs. Andrea Tavaska, the principal of Milford Catholic Elementary School, was inspired by an article in the Catholic Free Press about children in the Congo who do not attend elementary school because their families cannot afford it. The article and accompanying picture of the children tugged at her heart strings. A Congolese priest, Father Salvatore Musande, A.A. who is working on his Master’s Degree at Assumption College in Worcester, has started a program to help provide scholarships for these children to attend school. Mrs. Tavaska charged the MCES Student Council with an assignment – adopt this great cause!

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Help Needed for Oblate Sisters of the Assumption PDF Print E-mail

by Sr. Isabelle Yeodetessinga , O.A

We are happy to resume contact with you after several months of silence, a silence, I am sure you have heard over the airwaves, that is due to the post-electoral crisis we have been experiencing in Ivory Coast. In fact, what happened was that the day after this election  both of the remaining candidates claimed victory. Both formed governments challenging the other. The international community, represented by the United Nations and a number of regional organizations, sponsored a series of negotiation sessions intended to bring about a peaceful resolution to the crisis. Four months went by without any success. During this time, the common people paid the heaviest price: thousands dead and more than a million forced to flee their homes to other parts of the country or to neighboring nations.

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