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If you hope to progress in prayer, you must learn to wait … all your life must be a continuous waiting, like that of Anna and Simeon.
- Emmanuel d'Alzon

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Assumptionists worldwide prepare the way for their next General Chapter in May 2011 PDF Print E-mail

Rev. Claude Maréchal, A.A.All social bodies, as living realities, establish structures which guarantee their continued life and smooth functioning. Religious orders, small and large alike - and God knows how many there are - fall into this category and cannot escape this reality. Over the centuries, Rules which founders composed, rules which regulate religious life, foresee gatherings of different types.

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Grasshoppers and the Meaning of Life, One AMA's Experience PDF Print E-mail

Rebecca Petty, AMAThe grasshoppers are the first thing I tell my friends and family about Chaparral.  About how when Emily and I walk through our backyard to get to the compost or the sheds where all the games and manualidades are stored, dozens of them jump without any predetermined idea about where they are going to land.  They move based on an intuitive sense of danger and react to the change by often changing more than they planned to.

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The Assumption Family in Kinshasa celebrates the 130th Anniversary of the Death of Fr. Emmanuel d’Alzon PDF Print E-mail

The Eucharistic celebration commemorating the 130th anniversary of Fr. d’Alzon’s DeathThe chapel of the Emmanuel d’Alzon Community of Kinshasa served as the venue for the Eucharistic celebration commemorating the 130th anniversary of Fr. d’Alzon’s entrance into eternal life, November 21, 1880. Gathered for the celebration were Assumptionists, Oblates of the Assumption, and lay associates, all of whom joined together in prayer on this festive occasion. The Mass, on this feast of Christ the King, began at 4 PM.

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CONVERSATIONS AT THE CENTER - d'Alzon; his life and charism PDF Print E-mail

Father Claude, AA presenting at the ConversationsAs a way of honoring the Founder of the Augustinians of the Assumption, Fr. Emmanuel d’Alzon and concluding the bicentennial of his birth, Fr. Claude Grenache, A.A. led this month’s “Conversations At The Center” in Brighton, MA for the residents and guests. Developing the theme of “The Life and Charism of Venerable Emmanuel d’Alzon,” Fr. Claude began by situating the life of Fr. d’Alzon in its historical context of mid 19th century France. This dramatically illustrated Fr. d’Alzon’s familial roots, the chaos of France’s post Revolution turmoil, as well as the challenges facing the Church at that time.

A Nobleman by birth, Fr. d’Alzon’s passionate love of Christ, His Mother and the Church led him to priesthood, serving as Vicar General of his diocese in Nimes for all of his life and as founder of the Augustinians of the Assumption.

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Mayra Patricia Reyes Peregrina;  Beth Howland - Director of Development at Assumption College; Tomasz Kierul, CFRESome exciting efforts are happening in our Region/Province with regard to fundraising and development! With the support and encouragement of our Provincial Council to pursue internal collaboration between regions in fundraising and development for the purpose of the future growth of our mission, it had become evident that we needed to begin by sharing one another’s wisdom and experience.

Back in June of this year, Mr. Tomasz Kierul, Director of Development for the U.S. Region had a chance to talk to Fr. Miguel, Regional Superior in Mexico. Initially the question was raised as to how we here in the U.S. could help Mexico and what we can do together moving forward. Immediately, our Mass Association was a focus, so Fr. Miguel translated our website into Spanish (

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My American Impressions PDF Print E-mail

Mulumba KAMBALE MATSONGANI, A.A.I have been asked to write something about my impressions as one newly arrived in the US Region. Impressions may not be accurate perceptions; they are just impressions.

I am Mulumba KAMBALE MATSONGANI, an Assumptionist priest, from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I joined the Assumptions in 1994. Two years later (1996), I made my first religious profession. Then, I did philosophical studies in Butembo/DRC, pastoral experience in Arusha/Tanzania and theological studies in Nairobi/Kenya. After my theological studies in 2004, I was assigned in DRC to work in the Administration and Finance office of our College and in Vocation ministry.  Since September 2008, I have been master of postulants until recently when I was appointed to Emmanuel House in the USA for business studies at Assumption College, Worcester, MA.

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Radio Moto Celebrates Tenth Anniversary PDF Print E-mail

Radio Moto Celebrates Tenth AnniversaryIt's been ten years since Radio Moto of Butembo-Beni (North Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo), sponsored by the Assumptionists, began announcing the Gospel. It began rather modestly in the boarding school of Institute Malkia wa Mbingu (Queen of Heaven Institute) run by the Oblate Sisters of the Assumption. The first studio was located in a small upstairs room, which quickly proved not to be viable. Electricity came from the diocesan power plant, which only operated in the evenings. 

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Bicentennial Moment: Fr. Emmanuel d'Alzon's Childhood Home - The Chateau of Lavagnac PDF Print E-mail

Photo of the chateau as Fr. d'Alzon would have known it in the early 19th centuryIn 1816, when Emmanuel d'Alzon was only 6 years old, his family moved from the town of Le Vigan to the chateau of Lavagnac which his mother had inherited. Located in southern France near the village of Montagnac, this beautiful aristocratic residence was the place where d'Alzon grew up and where he would often come back once he set out to do his studies in Paris, Montpellier, and Rome. Even once he became a priest in Nîmes, he would return here to draw healing rest.

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Young Madagascan Assumptionist Ordained during Bicentennial Closure Ceremonies PDF Print E-mail

The bishop anoints the hands of Fr. RomualdThis past August 22 Bro. Donné Romuald Marcellin Randrianantenaina was ordained to the priesthood during the closing ceremonies of the bicentennial of Fr. d'Alzon's birth in the Vice-Province of Madagascar. The event took place in the Assumptionist parish of Our Lady of the Assumption in Tulear.

During a celebration the evening before,  after his parents gave him the traditional blessing, Bro. Romuald gave a moving testimony about his somewhat unusual path to the priesthood.

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The dogma of the Assumption, 60 years later PDF Print E-mail

Assumption of MarySixty years ago, on November 1, 1950, Pope Pius XII proclaimed the dogma of the Assumption of Mary.  We may wonder how a religious family with the name “Assumption” might have contributed to this event. It would be presumptuous to think that the Assumption had any influence whatsoever on the Pope’s decision, but it is legitimate to think that certain of its most eminent members helped to bring this idea to maturity, thus preparing the Pope to make his proclamation during the Holy Year.

Among the steps leading up to this definition, the scholarly research, the meetings and the pontifical commissions that were organized, the work done by Father Martin Jugie (1878-1954) holds a particularly important place. The monumental work (747 pages long), The Death and the Assumption of the Virgin Mary published by this historical/doctrinal student in 1944, by the Pope’s own admission, furnished the solid foundation that prepared and hastened the definition of the dogma. This theologian of the “Echos d’Orient” team, a humble and austere man, in publishing this volume could hardly have imagined a better reward than the proclamation of the dogma of the Assumption. When this brilliant professor of Oriental Theological Institute published his book, he dedicated it naturally to Pope Pius XII, protector of the Assumption family. In fact, in 1931, Pope Pius XI had named Eugenio Pacelli, at the time Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal protector of the religious families of the Assumption.

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