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The life of an Assumptionist is a life of prayer, of recollection and of the presence of God.
- Emmanuel d'Alzon

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The Latest News from the Assumptionist Foundation in Bucharest PDF Print E-mail

(the following is a letter sent by Fr. Michel Kubler, AA, superior of the new community, to his friends)

Dear Friends,

Michel Kubler, A.A.Thank you for the many wonderful responses I received from the first letter I sent out four months ago. The new year presents a perfect opportunity to bring you up to date  on what has been happening.

Although I was supposed to arrive in Bucharest on September 14, 2010,  I decided to come a day early because of the death of Fr. Bernard Stef. This Assumptionist was an esteemed figure in the Greco-Catholic Church (Oriental rite) to which he remained faithful in spite of some of the worst persecutions. I wanted to try my best to be present at his funeral, and it was a powerful symbol that my new community was united for the first time to bid farewell to this older brother of ours who left us at the very moment our house in Bucharest was being reborn. If you believe in signs, well, the day of my arrival in Romania was the feast of the Triumph of the Cross, which filled me with the conviction that it was the right time to be turning the page on my former life, my 20 years at a newspaper (La Croix) of the same name. The following day - therefore, my first full day in our new house - the Catholic Church celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, under whose patronage the Assumptionist mission in Eastern Europe, to which I am now committed to serve, has been placed.

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A pre-Christmas visit by Cardinal Tauran PDF Print E-mail

Cardinal Jean-Louis TauranAs we come to the close of our celebrations of the bicentennial of the birth of our founder, Venerable Emmanuel d'Alzon, Cardinal Jean-Louis TAURAN, President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue honored us with a visit to the general house in Rome on December 18th. This close collaborator of Pope Benedict XVI presided at the Eucharist that day.

During his homily, he reminded us of this thought from Blaise Pascal:·“Apart from Jesus-Christ we know nothing about life, nor about death, nor who God is or who we are for that matter.”

Last Updated on Friday, 14 January 2011 19:53
Campus Ministry Retreats at Assumption College PDF Print E-mail

Campus Ministry Retreats at Assumption CollegeThe retreats at Assumption have become an integral part of Campus Ministry at Assumption and a meaningful experience for the students who choose to participate in them. The mission of the retreat program is to provide student-centered opportunities for faith development that take place in a communal environment. The retreats are intended to encourage reflection on one’s self and one’s relationship with God, while helping to nurture new relationships among retreatants.  In my ten years at Assumption, I have seen these retreats fulfill their mission time and time again.

Last Updated on Friday, 14 January 2011 18:45
First vows of Fabián Guzmán Neves and Juan José Antunes PDF Print E-mail

First vows of Fabián Guzmán Neves and Juan José AntunesOn Sunday, January 2, 2011, in the late afternoon, in the Assumptionist parish of Santa Ana in Rengo (Chile), two   young men made their first vows, Fabián Guzmán Neves (Colombian) and Juan José Antunes (Brazilian). Very Rev. Juan Carlos Cisterna, the provincial of Chile-Argentina accompanied by Very Rev. Luiz Carlos de Oliveira, provincial of Brazil, presided at the Mass.

Last Updated on Friday, 14 January 2011 12:01

Fr. Miguel (with cross) and friends of the communityOn the occasion of the centenary of Assumptionist presence in Chile (1990), there arose some thought about founding a community in a Latin American country where weren't yet located. The General Chapter of 1993 "gave its approval and encouraged the idea of an interprovincial Latin American foundation as a concrete expression of the missionary spirit of the Congregation." Three countries were considered and visited: Bolivia, Paraguay and Ecuador. In the end we chose Ecuador and the diocese of Riobamba since the bishop's proposal seemed most in line with our apostolic project.

Last Updated on Friday, 14 January 2011 21:33
New Blog by Barry Bercier, A.A. PDF Print E-mail


- by Fr. Barry Bercier, A.A.

Occasional Thoughts on Christianity, Education and Our Times

Once, long before he became an exile on Patmos stormed by apocalyptical visions, John sat in a storm-tossed boat on the Sea of Galilee. That boat, represented here by a 17th century painting (Ludolf Bakhuysen), will serve as the masthead of this blog. According to the story, Jesus is sleeping on a cushion in the stern when a terrific storm blows up over the lake, threatening to sink the boat and drown those aboard. The disciples, overwhelmed by what looks to be impending doom, cry out to Jesus who seems disturbed only by the fact that he’s been unnecessarily roused from his slumbers. From his perspective, there’s nothing to be afraid of; he gives the command and the storm ends.

This blog is not written from Jesus’ perspective, however, but from that of the others there with him. Jesus was a good teacher and did not pressure his disciples into stifling what they had to say; with the waves crashing in and the boat sinking as they shook Jesus awake, my guess is that their speech at that moment was pretty much uncensored. The rough drafts that will appear here from time to time will also be uncensored, sometimes not entirely prudent or perhaps even regrettable. Maybe the writer here shouldn’t write…and maybe you shouldn’t read…


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Letter from the Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone to Fr. General, Richard Lamoureux, AA PDF Print E-mail

The Vatican, 18 November 2010

Reverend Father,

You recently sent to His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, a message on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Father Emmanuel d’Alzon, founder of the Augustinians of the Assumption and of the Oblates of the Assumption, assuring him of your prayers for his ministry as Successor of Peter. The Holy Father is very grateful for this attention on your part.

In giving to your Congregation the motto Adveniat regnum tuum, Emmanuel d’Alzon wanted to make it clear that preaching, education and teaching, which are at the heart of your apostolate, should have as its exclusive content the proclamation of the Reign of God, that is, the person of Jesus himself. May this anniversary of your Founder be for you all an opportunity to “discover ever anew the urgency and the beauty of the proclamation of the word for the coming of the Kingdom of God which Christ himself preached.” (Verbum Domini, n. 93) Through an ever closer knowledge of the thought of Saint Augustine, your principal guide, may you learn to place at the heart of your life as religious and as missionaries the love of God for all people, as made manifest by his Son. May this great Doctor of the Church help you to work with zeal for unity and reconciliation among peoples, a mission that we receive from the Lord himself!

In this year of grace for your Institutes, entrusting you to the intercession of Our Lady of the Assumption and the protection of Saint Augustine, the Holy Father is happy to impart the apostolic Blessing, to all of the Augustinians of the Assumption and the Oblates of the Assumption.

Be assured, Reverend Father, of my cordial and devoted best wishes.

+ Tarsicio Card. Bertone
Secretary of State of His Holiness

Last Updated on Friday, 24 December 2010 15:40
River Ministry: Many Actors, One Inspiration PDF Print E-mail

-A parish for riverboatmen

The barge-chapel 'Je sers' ('I serve'), located on the River Seine in the northeast Paris suburb of Conflans-Sainte Honorine, is one of two river parishes in France. It has been served by the Assumptionists since 1988, when Fr. Arthur Hervet was named pastor. Religious ceremonies for boatmen are celebrated here as well as all the activities of a parish: baptisms, marriages, funerals, catechism classes for the children of residents of the barge community and children in the immediate surroundings. The pastor receives his credentials from the bishop and, together with his assistant, participates in all the activities of the local area and the deanery.

Last Updated on Friday, 24 December 2010 12:51
The Assumptionist Presence in Turkey PDF Print E-mail

Assumptionist communities in Turkey and the date of their foundationIn 1900, when the Assumptionists were expelled from France by an anticlerical French regime, together with most other religious orders, almost half of the congregation moved to Turkey.  At that time there were 200 Assumptionists in Turkey (including students) and 150 Oblate Sisters of the Assumption. The Assumptionists were responsible for 17 places of worship (both Latin and Eastern rite, and mixed parishes).They oversaw 14 elementary schools and high schools (1200 students) and were in charge of two seminaries. In almost all of these places there were Oblates as well who themselves ran 12 elementary schools and high schools (1350 students), 10 dispensaries and 2 hospitals.

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AccompanyThe social service organization « Accompagner » was born on March 19, 2001 at the heart of the Belgian capital. It was an initiative of the general chapter of the Assumptionists held in 1999 and was meant to be a "prophetic gesture" for the new millennium, a project that was energetically and enthusiastically oriented to the neediest in society and addressing a particularly modern problem. What was the origin of "Accompagner"? The experience of certain Assumptionists who worked at our church, La Madeleine, in the heart of Brussels, led them to observe that many poor people whom they directed to various social service agencies returned without having their issues resolved, usually because they didn't and often simply weren't able to meet all the filing directives. Thus there arose the idea to create a center, made up of volunteers directed by several salaried professionals who would not only direct but accompany people in difficulty to various social agencies to help them comply with all the necessary directives.

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