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If you hope to progress in prayer, you must learn to wait … all your life must be a continuous waiting, like that of Anna and Simeon.
- Emmanuel d'Alzon

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The Cause of Beatification for Fr. d'Alzon PDF Print E-mail

Father Julio Navaro, A.A.Fr. Julio Navarro, A.A., Vicar General and Postulator for the Cause of Fr. d’Alzon, talks about the Status of the Beatification Process, Rome - February, 2011

You were asked to be the postulator for the cause of Fr. d’Alzon beatification. How has this experience affected you personally?

This experience has been extremely rich for me. That is true in at least three ways. First, it has allowed me to know Fr. d’Alzon much better, his personality, his spirituality, the example of his holiness, and in addition to knowing him better, I believe I admire him and love him much more. Another aspect has to do with the task of being the postulator itself which has forced me to learn, study, go to courses, especially in the area of canon law, in order to understand the juridical steps required by the Church.

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Perspectives on the New Egypt: My Homeland PDF Print E-mail

Brother Milad Yacoub, AA(Last week we posted an article by Brother Milad Yacoub, a young Egyptian Assumptionist entitled "Christian and Arab -- Is It Possible to be Both?" In the present interview Brother Milad shares several observations on his country, the current political situation, and his own dreams.)

Question 1: Br. Milad, you are an Egyptian Christian who is now living in France. Do you still have family members in Egypt and how often are you able to visit? 

My two parents live in Cairo, Egypt, 15 minutes away from the pyramids. My brother and his wife, expecting their second baby, are back in Egypt after several years spent in Qatar. I am always in contact with my family via phone and Internet and I go back there every two years.

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Christian and Arab - Is it Possible to Be Both? PDF Print E-mail

Br. Milad on bottom left with students at the national pilgrimage in Lourdesby Brother Milad Yacoub, A.A.
(Many Christians, in Europe or elsewhere, are often confused about the Middle East. So it is that many believe that if a person is an Arab, he must also be Muslim by religion, or vice versa, that if someone is Muslim, he must be an Arab. Br. Milad, an Assumptionist of Egyptian background, helps us to see things more clearly.)

Is it possible to be both a Christian and an Arab? Yes. Many Christians throughout the world are surprised to hear this. And yet, there are millions of us Christians who read the Bible in Arabic. What’s more, we also address God as “Allah.”

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AMERICA Magazine writes about the Assumptionists PDF Print E-mail

Robert Fortin, A.A.In a recent article in AMERICA, Drew Christiansen, S.J., the editor in chief of America, reflects on the powerful spiritual encounter one experiences in visiting the church of St. Peter in Gallicantu in Jerusalem. This site is believed to be Caiaphas’ palace and where Jesus’ trial and Peter’s denial took place.

The current church is of special significance to the Assumptionists, as it was built by Fr. Etienne Boubet, A.A. in 1920s and was magnificently renovated by Fr. Robert Fortin, A.A. between 1994 and 1997. Pilgrims from around the world who visit St. Peter’s are profoundly touched by its biblical importance and the beautiful art which calls them to repentance, contrition and conversion. As the author states, “St. Peter Gallicantu is special among holy places because step by step it offers so many opportunities to enter into Christ’s passion…”

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Helping Communities of Vowed Religious and Lay Volunteers Thrive PDF Print E-mail

by Katie Mulembe, Membership and Recruitment Coordinator, Catholic Volunteer Network

Antony Juton, a young Frenchman living and working with an Assumptionist community in Madagascar(editor's note: The Assumptionists, both in the United States and abroad, are committed to offering young people opportunities to live and work with Assumptionist communities throughout the world. In the United States, the community has joined forces with its female counterpart, the Religious of the Assumption, in support of AMA, Associate Missionaries of the Assumption Young men have lived in Assumptionist communities in Tanzania, Worcester, Mexico City, Manila, and elsewhere. The Assumptionists in France have also organized an active volunteer program which offers volunteer sites in Paris, Romania, Jerusalem, Quebec, etc.)

Over the last few decades, many religious communities have made a deliberate effort to open their doors to the laity. This is particularly visible in our network of volunteer programs, where it is not unusual to find vowed religious living in community with lay volunteers and missioners. This lifestyle puts into practice the vision that Pope Benedict XVI calls the “new missionary age in the Church,” one in which believers of every vocation fully embrace their baptismal call as partners in the mission of the Church.

MAHATMA GANDHI – Spiritual Leader of Nonviolence and Understanding PDF Print E-mail

Alex McKinleyConversations at the Center - Sunday, February 6, 2011

After viewing the film GANDHI on Saturday evening at the Assumptionist Center in Brighton, the community, residents and guests gathered after Mass on Sunday for a presentation and discussion on “Gandhi and Christianity.”

Alex McKinley, resident at the Center and a Master’s degree student at Harvard Divinity School, shared his understanding of Gandhi and his relationship with Christianity. His presentation was thought provoking and rich in challenging one’s conception of how the spiritual leader’s life and teaching marked his own world and ours.

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Lourdes Novena - Santiago, Chile PDF Print E-mail

Ppilgrims gather at shrine of Lourdes in SantiagoThe grotto of Lourdes in Santiago, Chile, administered by the Assumptionists, is clear proof of the action of God –community. It is the same at the grotto of Lourdes in France where the original apparitions took place.

From the very beginning, in France as well as at the grotto in Chile, pilgrimages to the shrine have united social classes. Whether it be organized groups or pilgrims who come individually, no matter the age, social status or culture, all come together here.

To the grotto of Santiago come those in good health or bad, farmers, miners, fishermen, intellectuals, those in uniform, stay-home mothers. Those from blue-collar neighborhoods and those from middle and upper-class ones come together at the grotto in Quinta Normal. There are also priest, men and women religious, members of secular institutes and of various Church movements.

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Remembering ‘Lupita’ PDF Print E-mail

Sr. Guadalupe Eugenia Lama, R.A.Force behind Assumption College's Mexico Mission

William (Bill) Sadd, former professor at Assumption College, writes of the extraordinary experience of knowing Sr. Lupita Lama, RA. With his permission, we share his memories with you.

In Memory of Sr. Guadalupe Eugenia Lama, R.A.
1916 - 2011

Last Updated on Friday, 04 February 2011 20:07
Icons by Donat Lamothe, A.A. PDF Print E-mail

Donat_Icon_11. Mother of God of Tenderness

Also known as Eleousa (Virgin of Tenderness, Tender Mercy). The icon can be recognized by the arm of the Child around the neck of the mother. The face of the Virgin that is looking towards us is full of warmth and human comprehension, but also with deep sadness. It is among the best known in the Western World. It's one of the oldest icons of the type.


Location - Emmanuel House (an Assumptionist Community at Assumption College), Worcester, MA


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Uganda - Land of Martyrs PDF Print E-mail

The Diocese of Lugazi is between Kampala and Jinjaby Fr. Protais Kabila Kalondo, A.A., Regional Superior, East Africa

During our recent provincial chapter, we reaffirmed our commitment to open a mission in Uganda, this nation of martyrs. We will be in the diocese of Lugazi, in a town called Kyavakadde, which means "village of the elders." It is here that we will open a new parish, St. Augustine's. At present, two young Assumptionist priests, Pierre Kisangani and Gilbert Paluku Maghese, are learning the local language of the region since everyone speaks Luganda alone. Together with the bishop, we decided to place them in separate locations for the time being so that they could master the language better and more quickly.

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