Easter in El Paso

My First Easter in El Paso

To begin with, it was in mid-December 2023 that I settled in El Paso for the first time. So, since then, almost every single experience is for me a learning experience.

First Thursday Bagels on April 4

First Thursday Bagels on April 4

Get your day off to a great start with a fresh New York style bagel from Bagel Time (owned by an Assumption family!), a cup of Fair Trade coffee or tea, and great conversation with students, faculty and staff on Thursday, April 4, 9:00-10:30 AM in the Lauring Community Room in the Tinsley Campus Ministry Center.

Icon of the Resurrection, by Br. Blair Nuyda, AA

Easter Message from Fr. Chi Ai, A.A.

One day, I met with an Assumptionist who asked me: “What grade do you give to the state of the Province? Is it an A?” With a big smile, I replied, “it is better than an A, it is a double A—AA!”

The Resurrection of Christ

Easter Message from Fr. Ngoa, A.A.

Let me wish each of you personally and all your communities a happy Easter celebration.

You must be busy with the Easter celebrations. Yes, it must keep us busy, because these are the celebrations that take us back to the foundations of our Christian faith.


Easter Message from Bishop McManus

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ brought profound joy and hope to the early Church. That joy was particularly pronounced because it followed the shock and gloom of Good Friday when Christ’s death seemed to dash all hope.

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday Meditation

Throughout the Liturgical Year, there is no day as sad, quiet, gloomy, or empty, as Holy Saturday. The end of a life is so sad. Jesus was laid in a tomb after he was whipped, crowned with thorns, crucified, pierced through the heart, and humiliated. All is just silence!

Good Friday

Meditation of Good Friday

The entire humanity is in suffering. Life is suffering. People often say: C’est la vie!
Even though life is suffering, sometimes I wonder, is it true? Life is still beautiful, even so beautiful and full of happiness.