AA News - January 2013 Print

AA News - January 2013In this issue:

Audience with Benedict XVI
“Foundational texts: some treasures from Saint Marie-Eugénie
“Voyage to America: I had a dream”
Education a Birthmark
The AA Library, d’Alzon and the O.A.
The Blessing of the new library!
The Office of Development and Solidarity. The effort continues.
The ISEAB and with your support!
The patrimony in the Assumption. A re-reading of the Rule of Life and the Capitular Rules
The feast of the blessed Martyrs and the celebration of the 150 years of the Near East Mission at Plovdiv
Ordinations to the priesthood and diaconate at Tuléar
Three Congolese Missionaries in Madagascar
Serving God in the Assumption

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