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Let us never forget that we desire to incarnate Jesus Christ in ourselves, live from His life, be other Christ’s, and journey together with Him.
- Emmanuel d'Alzon

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AA News - October 2012In this issue:

Vatican II: A Council to Celebrate
The Lay-Religious Alliance at Work
A Call to Courage and to Perseverance
From the Rapids of the Congo to the Great Lakes Region
Foundation at the Heart of the Strategic and Volcanic Goma
The ISEAB Launches Its Construction
N ovices and Novitiates
Placing oneself in the service of Him for whom no detail is vain
Announcing the Gospel through Popular Songs
Joseph Delvordre, an Old Missionary with a Young Spirit
A Missionary in Chile for 10 Years! An African in the Heart of the Andes
Two Congolese in Mexico. Nande in the Land of the Mayans
Among the Youth in Riobamba
Convictions and Hopes Reaffirmed at the Moscow Meeting
The Gifts to the Assumption. A Re-reading of the Rule of Life and the Capitular Rules
An African Successor to Saint Marie-Eugénie

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