AA NEWS - JANUARY 2018 Print

AA News - January 2018In this issue:

Praise be to you!
Calls, Appointments, Approvals
The Plenary General Council
The PGC --- as if you were there
Something new: the Secretary General for Formation
Funding for Congregation Projects by the Office of Development and Solidarity
Apostolic and community priorities
Assumption Solidarity Campaign in 2018
Following the Mobilizing Works
Meeting in Tanzania
Closing remarks by Fr. Benoît Grière, Superior General
Lay Assumption
Ferdinand Sahani (Goma, RD-Congo)
Marie-Claire (Toulouse, France)
Assumptionist Portraits
Marcel Neusch, Theologian of Religious Life
The Cause of Father d'Alzon
The novitiates of the Augustine of the Assumption (2nd Part)
One hundred and twenty years of assumptionist byzantine studies

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