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Plenary General CouncilIf the New Year was a book, this fifth PGC would be the page marker. 2014 invites us to be at the rendezvous of the events that will stand out. We are first of all invited to fraternity. The first message of Pope Francis at the 47th World Day of Peace: “fraternity, foundation and path to peace” was present to our debate when we spoke of the struggle to be had for Justice and Peace. We will have the occasion to deepen this dimension of our religious life since the next letter of Father Benoît Grière to the Congregation will talk about it and will prepare us for Year of Consecrated Life in 2015. Next April 24, John XXII and John Paul II will be canonized when a new page in the Assumptionist history will open: the session of the first Chapter of Europe, while in June for the first time, the 6th PGC will be held outside of Rome, at Saint-Lambert-des-Bois near Paris.

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