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Assumptionists in El Paso Prepare Shelter for Migrants PDF Print E-mail


In an earlier El Paso Edition of the e-newsletter, we shared with you our efforts to establish a temporary shelter for migrants. As we mentioned in April, our hope was to create a place of dignity, welcome and safety for those who have endured so much on their journey to the United States. Today we can make an official announcement that the Assumptionist Shelter for Migrants is ready for use. Current regulations mean we are on standby yet ready to welcome migrants at a moment’s notice.

In collaboration with the city, we, along with a handful of other nonprofit organizations, will host migrants in temporary shelters throughout the city. The shelter will serve migrants who have just entered the United States and need a safe place to stay for a few nights while they coordinate their travel to their next destination in the United States by bus or plane. This happens after they have completed a thorough registration process with local authorities. They will spend just a few days at our shelter, where we will assist with initial, urgent needs especially in the areas of transportation, translation, meals, clothing, and accommodations. We are set up to administer Covid-19 tests and vaccines with the help of medical professionals to ensure a safe environment for volunteers and migrants. Accommodating for social distancing, our hall is set up to accommodate 60 migrants, which amounts to about 15 families. This will be a 24-hour operation from Monday-Friday. As you can probably guess, we along with our volunteers are preparing to need an extra cup of coffee in the mornings!

While we will receive reimbursements from the government for the majority of costs associated with the shelter, there are some costs that will not be covered, including air conditioning of the shelter (the hall is large, and El Paso is hot!), electricity costs, increased internet usage, training and feeding of volunteers, as well as the ongoing needs of the local community who rely on one, modest salary through the parish. These costs, while they may seem small, will really add up, but we trust in God and in the generosity of our benefactors. He who has called us here will certainly provide for all of these needs!



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