Second emergency call for the victims of Mindanao Print

A cry for help for the victims of Mindanao

Most probably, you have learned of the disaster which struck Mindanao in the South of the Philippines. Just before Christmas, the typhoon "Sendong” - "Washi" for international readers - did terrible damage to parts of the island of Mindanao on the night of December 16 to 17, 2011.

What remains today in the hearts of the inhabitants of Mindanao at the end of the year 2011? Long nights without sleep, cries of those who were taken away are heard in nightmares and even in waking hours: woken up once again by the cries of those who were carried away; remorses: of not having been able to help those who were taken away by the tide of muddy waters, remorse of having left the hand of one's child; and prayers also, to find at least the body of a loved one among the many of those disappeared. In Mindanao, fright and sadness are in the hearts and the New Year 2012 will seem to be made up of “blood sweat and tears."

Bro. Jay Hector Lituañas of Cagayan de Oro City and Bro. Christopher Quiñal of Bukidnon have gone back from their Christmas vacations, and they had to leave their families and their loved ones behind who were still facing the ravages of" Sendong."

The family of Chris was not so much affected by this typhoon. But Bro. Jay saw his family’s dwelling taken by the muddy torrents and saw another house of theirs inundated. He lost many friends and relatives. They have decided to move elsewhere.

The Province of Bukidnon was in the eye of the fury of the typhoon in its Northern part, and cities like Libona, the city of Bro Chris, were the recipients of material ravages.

But Cagayan de Oro City and its neighboring city, Iligan City, are situated in the basin of the wide rivers of the region. These two cities were at the center of the rapidly rising waters which the typhoon produced. At the present time, the death toll is estimated to be above 3,000.

The Philippines is used to these typhoons and the disasters caused by the rising waters, and they know their vagaries and its aftermath. It is in this "after" time that the grieving takes place, grieving for the ones lost and grieving for one's "home" and too, they must avoid sicknesses caused by the stagnant waters.

And so the Department of Healt warned about the consequences of the stagnant flood: the propagation of leptospirosis, an infectious disease.

The hospitals of the region are inundated with patients and cannot suffice; they lack the necessary materials and medicine. There is yet a need for tents and mosquito nets for the survivors who are lodged in public places allotted by the commune. And of course, drinking water is still a big problem.

Governments, local and foreign institutions have already been generous. Our partners there: the Archdiocesan « Task Force » helped by Xavier University (a Jesuit University) and our own Sisters, the Religious of the Assumption.

According to the latter, there is enough food and clothing, the greatest needs are:

1. Drinking water, to be provided by treatment plants
2. Tents or other coverings of the sort for the people welcomed by the parishes
3. Tents for those with leptospirosis
4. Blood donations or those with leptospirosis
5. Pharmaceuticals Doxycycline
6. Mosquito nets for those in gyms, schools and other public places
7. Post Traumatic Psychological Therapies

Bro. Jay Lituanas in prayer.“ This day was the darkest day of my life.
But I also saw many stars: all the persons known and unknown, who helped us and came to our help.”
Bro. Jay

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