General Chapter – Reflections of a Translator Print

Fr. CLAUDE GRENACHE, A.A.We have come to the end of the 32nd General Chapter of the Augustinians of the Assumption. Reflecting on the experience bears witness to the goodness of God and most especially, the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit and the inspirational presence of our founder Venerable Emmanuel d’Alzon.

What was most evident at the outset was the great diversity of who we are as Assumptionists. Though French was the dominant language, Spanish, Swahili, Romanian, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch or Flemish and English, among others, kept the translators ‘on their toes’ to say the least.

Then there was the age divide. While most of the grey haired brothers hailed from Europe and North America, the younger members of the congregation came from Africa, Madagascar and Latin America.

Another great gift was the presence and participation of the laity, men and women who partner with us as Assumptionists in a variety of ways.

What was also apparent and most significant was the demonstration of fraternal care of the chapter members as they related to one another, especially when expressing opposing ideas. Oftentimes, a sense of humor prevailed and lightened the moment by the exchange of little jokes and remarks. The air was truly alive with brotherly love, joy and patience.

Another reality that was evident was the educational and apostolic experiences of folks around the table. We had PhDs, the editor in chief of La Croix, a professor of philosophy who has written 4 books, someone who had been a Provincial for 5 terms, a gifted violinist and some pioneers from Africa and Korea.

All in all, the three week event gave us hope and renewed our energy to move forward, building on our rich past, to continue to proclaim the Kingdom wherever we are assigned to serve God’s people.

(This edited reflection was submitted by Fr. Claude Grenache, A.A., superior of the Assumptionist Center in Brighton, MA)

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