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DIARY OF THE CHAPTER - May 19, 2011Mobilize to last
Michel Kubler

Contrary to popular opinion, a General Chapter does not spend most of its time making decisions. Rather, the time is spent selecting orientations for the Congregation. Sometimes, the Chapter is satisfied with working on a submitted text and returning it to its author for further elucidation.. That is what happened these days with the document on “Mobilizing Works”. This is a new expression at the Assumption having appeared at the Council of Congregation of 2009. It was thought that the 32nd General Chapter would not opt for a few “apostolic orientations” as it had in 2005 for Asia, the Near East Mission and youth and vocations but would rather recognize certain provincial apostolates as capable of “rallying” (mobilizing) the interest of the Congregation.

A number of criteria were selected: conformity with our fundamental orientations; collaboration with the Assumption Family; ability to accept religious from other Provinces and volunteers; lay-religious collaboration; international dimension; vocation ministry, etc.

The Chapter decided to confide the selection of those works presented by the Provinces to be considered :Mobilizing” (1) to the Plenary General Counsel. The PGC will monitor these to follow their development, evaluate their economic and human needs, and the possibilities for volunteerism...

Why all this? Two reasons: promote a certain “esprit de corps” and stimulate our missionary zeal. By recognising the mobilizing character of a particular apostolate, the Congregation would commit itself to assuring its continued existence.

(1) ISEAB of Butembo (RD-Congo), Youth Hostel Adveniat (Paris), “Accompagner” (Belgium), St. Peter-St. Andrew Center (Bucharest, Romania), Assumption College (Worcester, USA), Network of schools in Tulear (Madagascar) and Bayard.

Download:  DIARY OF THE CHAPTER - Thursday, May 19, 2011, No. 15

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