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DIARY OF THE CHAPTER - May 9, 2011A logic of communion

It is one of the dossiers « awaited » at this 32nd General Chapter – with the election of a new General Council on which its profile will depend: that is, the “new community organization” of the Congregation. This expression designated an entire redefinition of various geographical units that make up Assumption worldwide, in new Provinces or other types of units. But it’s not simply a territorial regrouping!

As we saw in the discussion if this first day of week two of the Chapter, it’s also a question of adapting our governmental structures, not only to the demographic developments, but to a better coordination of the various realities throughout the world, in view of greater solidarity and collaboration. It’s what the Chapter has called “a logic of communion”!

Concretely, what can be said? It will still be necessary to wait for the discussions to specify the contours of their re-structuring. For the moment, it is based on a “memorandum of understanding” which was articulated by an extraordinary meeting of the Council of the Congregation this past February. This schema, which the Chapter will be considering from now on, recommends a proposal for new provinces – to be discussed later – but especially a redefinition of the Government of the Congregation.

In this proposal, the current General Curia in Rome would be replaced by a “Restricted General Council”, under the leadership of a Superior General with additional powers. This Restricted General Council and the group of the major superiors would make up the Plenary General Council, which would be a veritable organ of collegial government – as opposed to the current Council of Congregation. Objective: to take into account the interests of the entire Assumptionist body, so that one and all may be better at the service of the mission!

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