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DIARY OF THE CHAPTER - May 3, 2011To renew the mission
By Fr. Richard Lamoureux

Let me say what I think is most necessary if we are to renew the mission at the Assumption.

First, we have to see our work as mission and not just as work that keeps us busy. To see our work as mission, we have to do it with the conviction that God has asked us to do this work and that our work is a great cause, that it is trying to respond to the ways in which “man is threatened as the image of God”. Those two things (a sense of mission and a conviction of the worthiness of our cause) will help keep at bay the kind of “ennui” that I’ve witnessed at times, as well as the human problems that “ennui” provokes.

Second, we have to be both modest and daring in our mission. We should be inventive and prophetic (see Letter #11) by elaborating simple (or complex if we are capable) educational ventures, by elaborating social service projects among the poor, by inventing evangelizing efforts to reach young people or other “unattainable” populations.

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