2011 General Chapter - Major Issues Print

For a Catholic religious Congregation in General Chapter, there is one rule above all: such a gathering is the ultimate authority for determining its program and organizing its work. Consequently, it is impossible to foresee the Chapter’s agenda, which will in fact be set as the work progresses.

It is nonetheless possible to identify some of the important points that the 32nd General Chapter will have to address, given the current state of the Congregation. For example: It will evaluate the decisions taken in 2005 at the last General Chapter, especially the three "fundamental orientations", the three "apostolic priorities" and the "Lay-Religious Alliance." It will decide on a new intercontinental organization for the Congregation, in the light of different human resources and in view of a greater integration of the work of General government with that of those responsible at the regional level.

It will elect a new Superior General, since Fr. Richard Lamoureux, an American, 68 years old, is no longer eligible after having served two six-year terms. The Chapter will also elect a new international government team according to the new structural reorganization that will have been adopted.

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