The Skies of Babylon - Diversity, Nihilism, and the American University Print

BarryBercier_BabylonTHE SKIES OF BABYLON - Diversity, Nihilism, And The American University
by Barry Bercier, A.A.
ISI Books, Wilmington, Delaware, 2007.

In this book the author provides the reader with a work of profound depth and understanding as he examines what teaching attempts to do in the context of a university setting. He reflects on the meaning of diversity, on the importance of speaking and language and its use in the legal process. In addition, he honors the scriptural and sacramental tradition of the Church and her own inner resources for internal reformation and renewal. As an extension, the author affirms the power of Western tradition to renew itself with respect to the American regime in transmitting its heritage to which our universities should be dedicated.

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