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The Church needs prayer as much as apostolic zeal.
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Reflections over Morning Coffee

Pat HaggertyReflections over Morning Coffee
Spiritual site in a noisy world…

By Pat Haggerty

One Word PDF Print E-mail

By Pat Haggerty

Often, some of our most significant messages come in the form of one word:  Greetings!  Congratulations!  Bravo!  Magnifique!  Welcome!  We received one such important message in last Sunday’s gospel.  The message was “Watch!”

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You’ve Become a Pirate PDF Print E-mail

By Pat Haggerty

Every Tuesday and Thursday my three year old grandson comes to my house and has breakfast with me.  There is a sort of ritual to those early mornings.  I prepare him an egg with the yellow soft so that he can “open the door” and dunk in his toast.  The toast has to be cut in triangles, and he usually washes everything down with a glass of apple juice.

While he is eating his breakfast, and before heading off to nursery school, we often watch a movie or play a game.  My husband and I have accrued quite a collection of children’s DVDs, so there are plenty of titles from which to select.  For the past few weeks, my grandson has been obsessed with the movie Hook.

My Prayer Journal and Veterans’ Day PDF Print E-mail

By Pat Haggerty

Years ago I started writing in a prayer journal.  It all started when I was reading The Cup of Our Life by Joyce Rupp.  The reader was encouraged to keep a journal and write reflections on questions from the text.  So, I did!  That was the beginning of what has turned into my own little book of reflections and prayers.

“Small Things with Great Love” PDF Print E-mail

By Pat Haggerty

This week I attended the funeral of my husband’s Uncle Franny.  Franny was a wonderful individual who passed away at the age of 87.  He had lived his whole life in Lebanon, New Hampshire.  He was a man of integrity, generosity and simplicity.  He was extremely proud of his French-Canadian heritage and loved sharing stories of his early childhood and of his mother and father.  He loved making French-Canadian pork pies (tourtières), and he loved spending time in his expansive garden.  More than gardening, he took great joy in sharing his produce with family, friends, and the Senior Center.

Falling Leaves - Uplifted Hearts PDF Print E-mail

By Pat Haggerty

It’s official!  Fall is here.  The “autumnal equinox” has come and gone, and the calendar keeps marching ahead.  As a New Englander through and through, I have always loved this season:  the vibrant foliage, the apple picking, the crisp mornings.  It’s something I wouldn’t want to give up.  It keeps me going; it brings me life!

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