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Mayra Patricia Reyes Peregrina;  Beth Howland - Director of Development at Assumption College; Tomasz Kierul, CFRESome exciting efforts are happening in our Region/Province with regard to fundraising and development! With the support and encouragement of our Provincial Council to pursue internal collaboration between regions in fundraising and development for the purpose of the future growth of our mission, it had become evident that we needed to begin by sharing one another’s wisdom and experience.

Back in June of this year, Mr. Tomasz Kierul, Director of Development for the U.S. Region had a chance to talk to Fr. Miguel, Regional Superior in Mexico. Initially the question was raised as to how we here in the U.S. could help Mexico and what we can do together moving forward. Immediately, our Mass Association was a focus, so Fr. Miguel translated our website into Spanish (

But this proved to be only a beginning in our joint effort in religious based fundraising. We needed to expand, develop and engage our donors in our mission.

To that end, Fr. Miguel suggested that the Mexico Region’s Development person come to the U.S. for a visit to hear and learn how we function and explore ways in which on-going communication/collaboration with us could take place. Fr. Dennis, our Regional Superior concurred on the potential value of such a visit. And so it came about that Mayra Patricia Reyes Peregrina, the Director of Development for the A.A. Mexico Region came to New England for several days in October to visit not only our Development Office in Brighton, MA but several local Assumptionist communities.Mayra visiting Brighton Community

The ensuing discussions focused on how our offices function with regard to structure, staffing, roles/titles, location, accountability, fundraising plans, activities and programs. In addition, special note was made with regard to communication with donors, i.e. databases, mailings, e-mails, newsletters and websites etc.

While here, Mayra was also able to attend a New England gathering of the National Catholic Development Conference in Worcester, MA, hosted by Assumption College. Not only was this a broadening experience for her but also a stretch for her proficiency in English! Mayra visiting Emmanuel House Community

What became clear to all who shared in this visit with Mayra, was the obvious need and desired wish to continue the growth of this relationship between regions and to further explore ways of expanding the dialogue to include other Assumptionist Provinces for the purpose of bringing to bear new life for the mission of Assumption in the world.

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