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What is adoration? It is the recognition of the reign of God over all creatures, and over us.
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From May 10 to 15, 2021, the postulants and novices of the Augustinians of the Assumption in Sokodé, Togo, participated in a session on the theme: "the art of peacemaking", in order to increase their awareness of this fundamental value for all peoples.

Jean-Pierre Bodjoko, SJ* (with Fr. Moise Dadja) - Vatican City

The session was animated by Father Moïse Dadja, C.D., and took place in the multipurpose hall of the parish of Our Lady of the Assumption (Komah). The construction of peace, as Pope Francis has said, is an 'art' that concerns all men without exception and is ' a task without respite that requires the commitment of all' (cf. Encyclical Fratelli tutti, n°231 and 232). One cannot aspire to peace without working or committing oneself to its construction. It is in this dynamic that the participants in this session were taught about the need to seek and preserve this good. This was done through 5 presentations followed by clarifying questions. The first presentation dealt with the understanding of the word "peace", the second with peace in the Holy Scriptures, the third with peace according to the Magisterium, the fourth with the construction of peace and, finally, a presentation on justice and peace. In addition to the presentations, the participants had two workshops to further explore, in small groups, some topics related to the theme of the session. They watched a film, listened to the testimonies of Fathers Boniface Mutahi and Vincent Kambere, A.A., and went on a discovery trip to the Renaissance village of Yao-Kopé, located about 7 km from Sokodé. These few days of exchanges allowed the participants to realize that it is necessary to collaborate for peace.


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