Today’s guest post is written by Fr. Peter Precourt, A.A.

Fr. Peter is a member of our new community in El Paso, Texas, which recently began ministry at St. Francis Xavier Parish. Our efforts at the parish will focus on meeting the spiritual and material needs of migrants; our presence along the U.S./Mexico border will allow us to carry out this work that is at the heart of our Assumptionist charism "to go wherever God is threatened in man and man threatened as the image of God."

Where do I begin? We are no longer at the Pastoral Center of the Diocese of El Paso. We are now living in our “new home”, the rectory of St. Francis Xavier Parish, since September 18, 2020. The parish is situated just before the bridge into Mexico.

We arrived just as the Diocese was opening church attendance to 25% capacity for all the parishes. This was the opportunity for us to meet some of the parishioners for the first time. We were warmly received by the community. This a very poor parish where almost all work is done by volunteers, especially the Knights of Columbus.


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