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A meditation without a practical resolution is an empty meditation.
- Emmanuel d'Alzon

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A Memo from Assumption's President PDF Print E-mail

La Maison Building



Office of the President

To:               Assumption College Community

From:           Dr. Francesco C. Cesareo, President

Re:               Founders Week

Date:           31 August 2018

The mission of the College is inspired by the vision of Fr. Emmanuel d'Alzon, which continues to animate the life of the College through the presence of the Assumptionists and each of us as their lay collaborators. To better understand our mission, a new initiative, which I hope will become part of the tradition on campus, is Founders Week, which will begin on Thursday, September 6th, with the Mass of the Holy Spirit at 11:30 a.m. in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit. You will find the schedule of events for Founders Week posted throughout campus, as well as on the portal each day of throughout the week.

The goal of the organizing committee for Founders Week is to provide the College community with an opportunity to learn more about the mission of the Assumption brothers and sisters here on campus and in the world. For this reason, the focus of the week this year is not so much explicitly on the educational mission at the College, but is an invitation to broaden our understanding of the ministry of the Assumptionists and the Religious of the Assumption, as well as their collaborators, in addressing the challenges faced by immigrants in our world today in Worcester, Paris, Brussels, Chaparral (New Mexico), and in Saigon.

The week includes time for the community to gather in prayer, beginning with the celebration of the Mass of Holy Spirit on September 6th, as we inaugurate the new academic year by asking for God's blessing on our labors. In addition, the week provides opportunities for service (September 9th and 13th) and for academic reflection and discussion (September 10th and 12th). The week also incorporates Art as part of the exploration of the topic (September 6th and 12th).

Founders Week provides the community with a unique and engaging opportunity for us to deepen our appreciation for our shared mission and simply to grow in appreciation for what each of us brings to our work here on campus.

I look forward to your participation in as many of the events of Founders Week as possible.

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