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Solomon’s desire

If God were to write you a “blank check,” what would you ask for? “Ask what I shall give you,” he says to a young Solomon as he succeeds his father David as king of Israel. Solomon’s response is to make note of his youth, his inexperience, his cluelessness (“I… Read More »Solomon’s desire

A word to rouse them

Flannery O’Connor, the great Southern Catholic short story writer, was once asked why she uses violence at critical moments in her stories. “To the hard of hearing you shout,” she said, “and to the almost blind you use large and startling figures.” Jesus knew this as well. “If your hand causes… Read More »A word to rouse them

A new lease on life

The lead up to my cancer surgery in April of 2014 was brief. As I was being rolled into the operating room for the biopsy the previous January, one of the attending physicians at Lahey Burlington mentioned, almost casually, that they had seen a dark area in the corner of my… Read More »A new lease on life

Music and the human spirit

Thanks to a Christmas gift from my brother and sister-in-law, I was at Symphony Hall this past Friday afternoon with Fr. Roland. Marcelo Lehninger conducted two Beethoven pieces, the Overture to the Creatures of Prometheus and the Emperor concerto, and finished with the 5th symphony of Tchaikovsky. Javier Perianes was the featured… Read More »Music and the human spirit

A book in hand

Undoubtedly, there are advantages to reading from a tablet or an iPad. Cost, convenience while traveling, storage capacity, font flexibility all favor the electronic device over the traditional book, to say nothing of environmental concerns and the elimination of all that paper. Clearly, electronic is the reasonable way to go.   But sometimes rationality… Read More »A book in hand