August 28 - Saint Augustine Print

thumb_saintaugustin.jpg"The honors of this world, what are they but puff, and emptiness and peril of falling?"

Saint Augustine, Bishop and Doctor of the Church (354-430)

Born in North Africa to Patricius and Monica, during his studies he became a follower of Mani, a Persian prophet, whose philosophy promised to explain the problem of evil. While teaching in Carthage, his mistress (whom he could not marry because they were from different social classes) bore a son, Adeodatus. In 383 he relocated to Italy, teaching first in Rome and then in Milan, where he heard the Bishop Ambrose preach and became convinced of the truth of Christianity. He was baptized at Easter 387. His mother died later that year and his son died in 389. He was ordained (391) and became bishop of Hippo (396), where he spent the rest of his life working and writing. He defended the Christian faith against several heresies (Manichaeism, Donatism, Pelagianism). He tells his life story in his Confessions, a classic of spiritual autobiography. Other writings include City of God, On the Trinity, On Christian Doctrine and hundreds more treatises, sermons, and letters. His intelligence and pastoral concern shaped the thought of Western Christianity and guided the Church for over a thousand years.
Let us imitate his restless search for God and his joy when God is discovered.

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