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Your faith, hope and charity will grow to the extent that you share them with your brothers and sisters.
- Emmanuel d'Alzon

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Emmanuel d'Alzon
FOR A GOOD CAUSE - N.7: Man of Faith, Fully Alive PDF Print E-mail

Fr. Emmanuel d’Alzon    By Fr. Oliver Blanchette, A.A.

Fr. Julio, postulator of the Cause of Beatification of Fr. d’Alzon, in “Signs of God”, N.7, and in this Year of Faith, writes again about the profound faith of our Founder. In our Church today, and in our country deeply penetrated by individualism and secularism, there is need of models of faith like Fr. d’Alzon. In the last issue of the “For a Good Cause” series we mentioned how Fr. Seve, A.A.   finally  became convinced  that  in speaking of d’Alzon’s  faith  he could no longer separate it from his love of God. Seve characterizes our Founder as a man of “faith-love.”  Faith is the portal to life in God, but to truly live our faith we must step through this doorway and put our faith into practice. This calls for charity, love of God, love of neighbor. And love calls for deeds, for action. Finally we believe and we learn by personal experience that this life of faith-love is beyond our capacities. We need, to live it, God’s grace, we need to hope in God.  Faith, hope and love; these virtues are at the very heart of any truly Christian living. In the face of the frenzied pace of life that so many call living today, it is clear that the New Evangelization, excuse the expression, “won’t sell”, unless like our Pope Francis, we put our faith into action through concrete deeds of love towards all, especially the disadvantaged, seeking the strength to do this, not in ourselves but in God, in hope for his assistance.

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Photos and Images of Fr. Emmanuel d'Alzon PDF Print E-mail

Color photo of Emmanuel d'Alzon, ten years oldIn 2010 the bicentennial of the death of Fr. Emmanuel d'Alzon, the founder of the Assumptionists, two Assumptionists, Fathers Jean-Paul Périer-Muzet, the general archivist at the time, and Jean-Daniel Gullung, the general treasurer, collaborated in putting together a large collection of the photos and images that exist of him.

The text has yet to be translated, but the photos and images need little translation!!! They can all be found at

We are reproducing some of them here to give our readers a taste of the collection. Good viewing!

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FOR A GOOD CAUSE - N.6: Belonging to our times PDF Print E-mail

Fr. Emmanuel d’AlzonBy Fr. Oliver Blanchette, A.A.

“Every century has its own vices, we must above all have the virtues that are contrary to these vices. It is in this sense that we must belong to our times”.  These words of Emmanuel d’Alzon prompt me to offer congratulations to Fr. Julio, postulator for the cause of beatification of Fr. d’Alzon, for choosing to speak in the present and coming issues of the “Signs of God” and in this Year of Faith, of the faith of our founder. There is a crying need for Catholics to deepen their faith. There is a crying need in our country for men and women who live out their faith so that it affects all society for the common good. That’s why, in part at least, we are having this Year of Faith. This offers us a powerful reason for speaking of Fr. d’Alzon’s faith and of showing how it was precisely our founder’s  faith, deeply personal yet very public, that made him a man of his times. In turn, this invites us, if we wish to really be men and women of our times, to seek in Emmanuel d’Alzon an example of living faith, for both our personal lives and in our more public lives as members of the body of Christ, the Church, and as active citizens of our country. And, of course, we hope that this will also advance The Good Cause of Emmanuel d’Alzon’s beatification.

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Signs of God N.6 PDF Print E-mail

Signs of God N.6

Word of the Postulator

Pope Benedict XVI called on the entire Church to celebrate a « year of faith ». It was meant to be an opportunity to recommit ourselves to search for the truth: the truth about God and the truth about Man. It also meant bearing clear and courageous witness to our faith in Jesus Christ in the midst of our world and the men and women who surround us.

One basic criterion in demonstrating the holiness of a Servant of God is precisely that of showing how he practiced a life of virtue, especially the virtue of faith. We know that Fr. d’Alzon was a man of faith and that it was this beacon that enlightened his whole life, all his apostolic initiatives, his love of the Church, and his unconditional commitment to Jesus Christ.

FOR A GOOD CAUSE - N.5: The Passion For Holiness Might Be Contagious! PDF Print E-mail

FR. OLIVER BLANCHETTE A.A.By Fr. Oliver Blanchette, A.A.

Fr. Julio Navarro, Postulator for the Cause of Beatification of Fr. d’Alzon is, to say the least, a good salesman! In the 5th issue of “Signs of God", he links the Church’s recognition of the holiness of our Founder with our own call to holiness. Thus for Assumptionists and all those belonging to the larger family of the Assumption - friends, volunteers and Lay Assumptionists - Fr Julio is, in a sense, telling us that it’s in our own deepest interest to work for the canonization of Fr d’Alzon! How does he do that ?

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