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Here is the secret of holiness: be men of prayer.
- Emmanuel d'Alzon

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Signs of God N.8

Word of the Postulator

We are aware that, for Fr. d’Alzon, faith signifies, above all, love of the truth, filial obedience to God’s will, and apostolic action rooted in love of Jesus Christ and the coming of his Kingdom. He teaches us how to view the events of the world and of history with the eyes of faith, that is to say, with hope and optimism. Faith leads us to denounce the ills of the society in which we live, but that is not enough. Real faith leads to action. It draws us into the dynamism of love. «The hands of faith», an expression Pope Francis, are raised to forge human relationships, founded on love, and so to build a new society. Fr. Emmanuel d’Alzon’s passion was the transformation of the society of his day, in accordance with God’s plan; « Thy Kingdom come! » was the battle cry of this apostle. He desired to see in his disciples the martyrs’ audacity and the apostles’ daring. Throughout his life, all his actions, all his apostolic works were imbued with his ardent spirit of faith --- always. Pope Benedict and Pope Francis invite us to become men and women of faith, to bear public witness to our attachment to Jesus Christ, and to his Church, and not to be content with an individualistic and passive faith, but rather to place ourselves ‘at the concrete service of justice, right, and peace’.

Fr. Julio Navarro Román, A.A.

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