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Here is the secret of holiness: be men of prayer.
- Emmanuel d'Alzon

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Signs of God N.7

Word of the Postulator

Faith is a grace, a free gift from God. By means of faith we are capable of drawing near to the truth about God, that truth which Jesus Christ came to reveal: God is Love. Pope Benedict XVI reminds us that faith transforms our entire human existence and that it grows when it is lived as an experience of love. Fr. d’Alzon also teaches us, both in word and by the example of his life, that faith is above all attachment to God, with all our being, in love and obedience. Moreover, faith is a light that lets us perceive, albeit imperfectly, the truth about God’s being, about the relationship we are called to establish with him. This light is a grace from God, a gift of the Holy Spirit. But, on our part, there is always an effort to be made. Our faith can and must grow: through prayer, study, personal effort, seeking the truth, surrendering ourselves to God’s will. This is what Fr. d’Alzon asks of his disciples, religious or lay. On our lips there should always be found this prayer of the apostles, “Lord, increase our faith!”

Fr. Julio Navarro Román, A.A.

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