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Your faith, hope and charity will grow to the extent that you share them with your brothers and sisters.
- Emmanuel d'Alzon

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Signs of God N. 14

A Word of the Postulator

For religious men and women, chastity or virginity are the object of a vow. But Fr. d’Alzon prefers to speak of the « virtue of chastity », of the «gift of virginity », of the « purity of heart » as the evangelical requirement for all Christians whether they be religious or lay. It is a virtue linked to the theological virtue of charity, that is, it’s reason for being is the love of God, it is the total gift “of all my being” to Jesus’ person and mission. Fr. d’Alzon is not concerned with juridical or ascetic considerations: «chastity does not need explanation»; and in the rule for the lay associates he writes: «the Brothers are committed to keeping the chastity which suits their profession» (E.S., p. 1287). Chastity assumes an ardent apostolic zeal, passion for the Kingdom, for the Church, for people; “apostles, like angels, are messengers” (Dir. P. 54) Chastity frees us and makes us available «always ready to set out and to go where God sends us» (E.S., p. 1279). Fr. d’Alzon lived chastity and purity of heart with characteristics which are proper to him: respect, loyalty and truthfulness in his relationships, tenderness and discretion in his friendships, a close and affectionate brotherhood towards his disciples.

Fr. Julio Navarro Román

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