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Your faith, hope and charity will grow to the extent that you share them with your brothers and sisters.
- Emmanuel d'Alzon

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Signs of God N. 11

A Word of the Postulator

The more I get to know the personality and holiness of Fr. Emmanuel d’Alzon, the more I admire in him how open he was to his times and the more I find him to be a model apostle for the church of our time. In the Signs of God #10, we underlined his love and initiatives on behalf of the poor. Here we would like to emphasize his obsession with getting to know, entering into dialogue with, and above all evangelizing every dimension of society. The holy Pope John XXIII, at the time he convoked the Second Vatican Council, wanted the Church “to open its doors and windows” so that fresh air could circulate in it. Pope Francis hasn’t stopped insisting on the fact that our Church must move beyond its doors towards the margins of humanity, lest it enclose itself in on its privileges and its fears and in order to bear the light, the consolation and the friendship of Jesus to those scorned and forgotten. Fr. d’Alzon, in the page we have published here, uses this same language. He urges us to move beyond our doors, to get to know the realities of the world, to enter into dialogue with the different categories of people, to become servants, to transcend the limitations of clericalism, and to share our wealth with the laity. Above all he teaches us to act always out of love of Jesus Christ and of the Church, his Bride.

Fr. Julio Román Navarro, A.A.

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