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I remember arriving in September 1964 PDF Print E-mail

I remember visiting OLLO in February 1964. Frank Glick was my "guide". I had never seen so many really smart people in one place ... and they were friendly too!! Fr. Roger was our dorm rector. Steve Purcell was my roomate. Denny Dembrowski was down the hall.

Community life, religious life, and the 150 Musketeers all rolled into one.

Latin classes, Math, English, Religion, Philosophy by osmosis, Carpentry, Electrical work, Sugaring, Hockey, Tractors, Drawing OLLO cartoons in the newsletter, Shooting Sports, Hiking, Skiing, Schola practice, Whist tournaments, Contemplative walks on the "Hill", the beauty of the Chapel, Voices lifted in song and praise, bus rides home, .... some of the best memories I carry with me.

I returned to the Hill with my family in 1988 to find it transformed into a New York State vocational work training center. I was devastated over it's state of disrepair.

I still have about a hundred slides of people, events, places and "stuff". I'll have to break them out and have them digitized.

I hope all are well. I've often thought of my two years at Cassadaga fondly. OLLO lives!!!

- Garry

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