The early years Print

When I arrived in Cassadaga (1964), everything seemed highly organized and structured, as if everything had been in place and immutable from forever. Years later I realized that it was only 4 years old, and I'm curious about those first years, when things might have been more in flux and experimental. Wonder if some of the early guys might share what those times were like, how things evolved, what was cast aside (somewhere I got the impression that Greek was part of the curriculum initially!). And questions like, if the first year or two there were only a couple of grades, where did everyone room, in St Michael's? Were the buildings initially decrepit, and only gradually adapted and restored? Where were the classes, and the library? Who cooked before the Mexican sisters arrived?

And I guess even later on, when for awhile there were 2 years of college: were those college courses all taught at OLLO, or were some or all taken in Fredonia? (Clearly, I had little contact with those upper-upperclassmen!)
Enjoyed reading the first issue of the Cassadagan- must have been quite a bonding experience to be there at the beginning...
Any reminiscences appreciated, and many many thanks to Bro Stephen for this website and bringing us back together!

- Marc (Beaudoin) 1964-68