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An essential condition of prayer is to know the One to whom we address ourselves.
- Emmanuel d'Alzon

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Al Gaulin writes to Bro. Stephen:
"Bro.,Shirley and I have been away for most of the week. We went to Galilee, RI on Mon.
Then proceeded to Gloucester and Rockport on Wed. and Thurs.
We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the support of and the planning
by you and your staff for last Sunday's get together.

The day went off without
a hitch. It could only have been more successful had we enjoyed the company of
greater numbers of Cassadagans. But, that day is coming.
The meal was perfect-- the food had universal appeal and the picnic style format was
comfortable. And, as we expected, the lack of walls and table-settings seemed
conducive to keeping people milling about and spending at least some time with one
another. I'd be curious to know what the spouses thought about the day and what we
can do to improve things for their lot in the future. I may attempt to canvass
them for their comments and recommendations. What do you think?
Shirley and I also enjoyed the slide show. Noticeably absent from the pictures,
however, was Thomas Jaster, the photographer,cook and waiter. Attached are a couple
of pictures for your consideration. Ignore this recommendation and incur the 'wrath
of Shirley' for an eternity.
Take care. I'll be in touch soon. Oh! by the way, I may have found Paul Kerns. More
about that later.

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