The first meeting of the S. California Print

 Chapter of the OLLO Alumni Association

We are proud to report that, as far as we know, we achieved 100% attendance. In the photo, from left, are Matt Leone and Ed Lataille. The membership voted unanimously to meet again sometime soon.

As Ed so eloquently put it, our getting together after all these years is an unexpected gift at this time of our lives. Our lunch in San Diego was too short, but we managed to catch up on each other's lives and did a fair amount of reminiscing about Cassadaga, especially about how that awful schedule of what seemed like 20-hour days of study, prayer and silence gave us habits and discipline that have in some ways lasted a lifetime.

Ed & Matt 1960


What a terrific post! Pictures are the way to go. And "before and after" pix are even better. Looking forward to getting lots of "after" shots this weekend in Brighton.

- Michael