Looking back - looking forward Print

Some of us have recently had the privilege of re-connecting with fellow Cassadagans over lunch and a few times over dinner. It has been great fun looking back at the "good ole days" of a much simpler life and sharing memories. It's amazing how one remembrance triggers another.

I can't believe I'm seen Michael Bunyar three times in three months after not knowing what happened to him the last 30 (ok 40) years...and he lives in Montreal.

Milty and I have also had dinner a few times and the last two were at my house along with Brother Stephen. Clearly if it were not for Steve most of this would not have happened.

Our conversations have been wide ranging and often we talked about what has happened to specific Assumptionists who have touched our lives. To understand what changes have occured in 30 (ok 40) years has been both interesting and eye opening. We also had an opportunity to talk about the future plans of the Assumptionists and the challenges they face. As a result Milty and I began a conversation about how we (the group) could possibly help out. We haven't reached any major decisions but at a mimimum we would like to 1)locate as many former Cassadagans as possible and get them on the website, 2)try to foster more get togethers in various parts of the US and 3) brainstorm about how we can help the Assumptionists grow and fulfill their mission.

Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated! If you are in contact with any former classmates not on the list, please ask them to sign up or get us their contact info and we will reach out to them.

Thanks and I hope your all enjoying the summer!
Frank (Harry) class of 66