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Yesterday, May 20th, ten “Cassadagans” met for lunch at Rom’s in Sturbridge MA: Al Gaulin, David Yacavace, Dick Poletunow, Frank Aubuchon, J P Mandler, Jigs LaFleche, Michael Bunyar, Paul Feron, Milty Malboeuf, and Stephen Goguen.

David Yacavace, Stephen Goguen, Milty Malboeuf


Al Gaulin, Paul Feron, J P Mandler

For many, it was the first encounter in nearly forty years. Yet the intervening years seemed to melt away and the closeness we once shared was clearly still present. We talked of all sorts of crazy memories of the early 60’s. It is really amazing the “little things” that individuals remembered: Reading in the refectory during meals, a train ride from Dunkirk to Worcester during the worst blizzard in 100 years, sauerkraut in chocolate cake, apple butter for Gouté, Father Antonio’s Latin classes, and of course the “free afternoon” which nearly got a few schemers a one-way ticket home.

Jigs LaFleche

For the two hundred or so who weren’t able to make it, know that you were missed. But, not to worry, yesterday’s reunion will hopefully be the first of a series. Next time we might be able to plan a full day get-together. I’m already looking forward to it!

Jigs LaFleche, Frank Aubuchon, Al Gaulin, Paul Feron, J P Mandler

Michael Bunyar, Dick Poletunow


Stephen, A.A.


Thanks to Bro. Stephen for getting the nine of us together.

Everyone remains quintessentially himself. It's good knowing that even though the structures change around us, a few things remain the same.

Wonderful to see everyone. I hope we can repeat soon.



A truly memorable lunch. There was something "intense" about the Cassadaga experience. I had thought maybe it was typical of youthful experiences. However I am finding that I am as fascinated and interested as ever in the people I went to school with 40 years ago.

Thank you, Bro. Stephen, for making it possible.



What can I say..... it was great fun and our noon time lunch didn't end until 3pm! I look forward to seeing even more of us at the next event. Michael, I hope you will forward some of the pictures you took a well.
Frank (Harry)


The reunion sounded like a good time and the photos are great. How is it, however, that all you guys appeared to have aged when I have not?

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