Praying with the Assumptionists Print

The bronze statue of Assumptionist founder Emmanuel d’Alzon with a studentBeginning January 2010, Catholic Digest - which is sponsored by and is a ministry of the Assumptionists -  has launched a series of articles highlighting the spirituality and charism of various religious congregations.  The articles are meant to invite readers to better understand religious life and to find ways to prayerfully connect with particular communities.

The February 2011 edition highlights the Assumptionists and was authored by Fr. Richard Lamoureux, A.A., Superior General of the Assumptionists:

"When I was teaching at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts, I decided it would be good to tell my students what the Assumptionists were all about. To organize the gathering, I enlisted the help of a senior with whom I had worked on a number of projects, but after a week or two of serious effort, he came to tell me that he was having a hard time stirring up interest. We did the best we could (even luring participants with the offer of pizza) and succeeded in bringing together 20 or so young men and women. I launched into my presentation with a good deal of enthusiasm, but I sensed I wasn’t connecting. Finally, one student courageously spoke up."

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