Readings and Reflection for March 28 (Monday in the Fourth Week of Lent)

Assumption University

A Delightful Lenten Journey

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Connecting the dots

One of the keys to reading the Bible is making the connection between different stories. These stories might come from separated books. For instance, we can read the account of the temptation of Jesus in the Gospels and compare it with the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis 3. Or, these stories might come from the same book. For instance, we can read the scene of seduction between Potiphar’s wife and Joseph in Gn 39 in the light of Gn 3. Today, we are going to focus on John’s Gospel and its internal connections.

Between the first and the second sign

Today’s Gospel gives us the second sign that Jesus did at Cana. If we compare this sign to the first one, we will understand better Jesus’ activities. Then, Jesus participated in a Jewish wedding. Now, he heals the son of a royal official, possibly a non-Jewish person. Then, Jesus stepped in to prolong the joy of the guests. Now, he intervenes to heal a sick person. Now, it is not a question of joy, but of life or death. Then, Jesus answered his mother’s request. Now, he takes action after a petition made by the sick son’s father.

Between one performance and another

Then, Jesus was present at the place where he performed the sign. Now, he remains at a distance. Then, the waiters knew that Jesus changed the water into wine. Now, the royal official knows that Jesus heals his son when his servants come to announce the news. Then, Jesus’ disciples believed in him after seeing the sign. Now, the royal official and his household become believers when they see the sign performed by Jesus.

Between sickness and joy

Jesus Christ is present at every moment of our lives. He enters into our lives, not only to heal us from our sickness and our divisions, but also to give us joy, the joy of living and the joy of being together. He doesn’t make any difference between us. All of us are his brothers and sisters. All of us deserve his attention and care. All of us are protected by his unconditional love and providential guidance. He intervenes in our favor after a request made by our mother or father, or someone who is near and dear to us. If we open the door of our hearts, he would be more than happy to be our guest.

Through his presence and his action in our lives, Jesus enables us to be his disciples, who believe not only in what he does, but also in who he is. He is at the center of our personal life, of our household and of our community. He gathers us here today to pray with and for our loved ones. Through him, we can have access to the joy of communion. With him, we are to create a communion of joy. In him, we enjoy communion with the Father and with one another.

Prayer: God of unity and joy, help us to keep our household as a place of happiness, hospitality and healing.

Resolution: Try to make connection between different events of my life.