Provincial Chapter-Day Three

January 5, 2023 | DAY THREE

By Fr. Oswaldo Garcia Sanchez, A.A and Br. Blair Nuyda, A.A


Welcome to Ixtapan de la SalDuring the first part of the morning we had a discussion on the Lay-Religious Alliance presented by the tandem of the Province, Patty and Edward, who identified challenges and questions that arise from their experience thus eliciting discussion. These include elements that can illuminate our relationship and the work we do together, our mission.

The discussion that ensued focused mainly on the observation that aside from a group of truly committed Lay Assumptionists who have attended meetings and received formation, we also have a group of lay men and women who are closely associated to us as partners in the mission and in different ways. How will this observation change the way we look at the Alliance?

The session on Formation followed next. Fr. Peter, director of formation in the Province, also identified the challenges faced in the US and Fr. Louis, along with Fr. Flavio, gave an input on the challenges of formation in Mexico.

The discussion included the need for us to cultivate a formidable interior life and maturity among our young candidates, the involvement of Lay Assumptionists, and the formation of formators. An interesting notion that was brought up was how can local communities be truly spaces of Assumptionists formation. This session, of course, took into account the different contexts present in the Province.


The session on Vocation Ministry had Fr. Irwin and Br. Blair talk and Fr. Jean-Bosco’s report deal with challenges that concern our vocation promotion efforts in three different contexts. The discussion that followed dealt with proposals on how we could highlight our distinctiveness in a world that is becoming more and more secular. Despite many difficulties and challenges, our joyful witness remains to be our powerful tool to attract vocations.

The session on Leadership was facilitated by Fr. Alex and Fr. Chi Ai. We have also been enlightened by reading a reprint of Fr. Richard’s booklet on Assumptionist Leadership. Modeling our leadership paradigm with the example given by Jesus, we had a discussion on how this would apply in our local communities and mission areas. The discussion went on to question whether leadership is something we are born with or if it is something that could also be taught. A proposal was then tossed to the capitulants if something like a Center for Assumptionists leadership be established in Worcester—one that could truly benefit the Congregation in many ways.

Fr. Alex Castro, A.A Presides at Mass

Fr. Alex Castro, A.A Presided at Mass

Br. Daniele, along with members of the US group, took care of today’s liturgies. Fr. Alex Castro presided at the Mass and his homily focused on how our identity, especially as Assumptionists, must always reference and lead to Christ.

In Mexico, it was the eve of their celebration of the Los Tres Magos (The Three Magi). We each had a slice of the traditional “King’s Cake.” A few of us went to downtown Ixtapan de la Sal and had an experience of the local celebration.

The Three Magi

The Three Magi for the Celebration of Epiphany

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