Prince of Peace Beni School – Congo

Prince of Peace Beni School - Congo

Hello everyone on this beautiful Easter Weekend.

When we lost Fr. Oliver in May 2020, many asked what can we do to honor his memory.

I believe we have a worthy endeavor for your consideration.

As most know, of Fr. Oliver’s many contributions to this world, he held Africa closest in his heart. He championed the Prince of Peace Beni School from the very first groundbreaking, and shaped many students as a teacher, headmaster, and superior at Assumption Prep. He continued to educate and lead throughout his life, including in Kenya and Tanzania, working with graduate students on their English, French, writing, and as a spiritual director – throughout his 80’s and into his 90’s!

Lynne Brouillette, co-founder of Kids in the Congo, is driving a project, together with the Assumptionists, to build and dedicate a classroom to Fr. Oliver Blanchette at the Prince of Peace School in Beni in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Lynne is a wonderful person who I crossed paths with many times. Sometimes when visiting Fr. Oliver in hospital, or a visit at Old English Road when she’d be finishing up her scholarly and spiritual pursuits with him, at Notre Dame Long Term Care, at his funeral, at his memorial and BBQ, and so on.

The email she wrote describing this project is below.

Please consider helping to raise the $13,000 necessary to build this classroom – Lynne has pledged the first $1000, and Ping and I the second $1000.

Truly any amount will help to make this dream a reality.

You can mail a check:

The Assumptionists, 330 Market Street, Brighton, MA 02135
(in the Memo, specify:  Beni School CLASSROOM Fr. Oliver Blanchette)

OR, even easier, use your PayPal, Venmo, Debit, or Credit Card:

Select donation toward:

Prince of Peace Beni School – Congo
In memory of:  Fr. Oliver Blanchette
Comment:  Contribution to CLASSROOM in memory of Fr. Oliver Blanchette

Donations are Tax Deductible.

Education is critical to helping children in Congo rise above the unimaginable daily trials they face. By providing them with a safe and comfortable learning environment, we can empower them to reach their full potential and break the cycle of poverty.

I believe Fr. Oliver is smiling down with a heartfelt Thank You and appreciation of this truly meaningful way to ensure his legacy lives on.

Please share this message with others.

Happy Easter,
Love from Sheila + Ping