PGC – Main Themes of Day 4 – Monday, June 3

Temporal Affairs

The CGP Visits Boston and the Assumptionist Center

The PGC session is always marked by a day of relaxation and conviviality. PGC members took advantage of Sunday to explore Boston. Led by Tomasz Jaster, Monica, and Veronica, not forgetting the attentive presence of Bro. Blair, we walked along the famous Freedom Trail that winds its way through the historic sites of this memorable city in the history of the USA. A convivial evening (of prayer, joy and delicious lobster) with the brothers from Brighton (Provincial House) brought the day to a pleasant close, much to everyone’s satisfaction.

This morning, work resumed with a discussion of a complex temporal dossier. As we all know, the charism and mission of the Assumption need material and human resources to flourish. Father Alex Castro presented the work of the last CEC, held in our parish of Emperatriz (Mexico). The meeting successively examined the accounts for 2023 and, among other things, the care of our 602 religious involved in formation (those being formed and their formators). With resources still very limited in relation to needs, the PGC reminds religious at all levels to develop reflexes of rigorous management of our assets. The Council also thanks all those who have already handed in their contributions for the 2024 solidarity campaign to build a dormitory for boys at Assumption High School (Nairobi). Those who have not yet made their contribution are urged to do so, in order to collect the total amount required to finalize this project.

The afternoon session was devoted to talking about the varied experiences of the Provinces with regard to continuing education and leadership training for those involved in government.

We would be lacking in gratitude if we failed to mention the heroes in the shadows, Fathers Miguel Diaz, Bolivar Lukenzano, and Marcel Poirier, who will be joined tomorrow by Father Edward Shatov, who have provided the PGC with invaluable assistance as translators. Thank you for your availability and hard work.