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June 2024

Here at the Prince of Peace school complex we are in the midst of end-of-school-year exams 2023-2024. We give thanks to God, who has watched over our students, teachers and staff. This school year has not been interrupted, despite the uncertainty in the country before and after the presidential elections in December 2023. That said, we cannot fail to point out that the Beni region continues to face the ongoing violence from armed groups (ADF, M23 and others). Insecurity, killings and the plundering of natural and mining resources have not spoken their last word.

As the school year draws to a close, we wanted to share with you the impressions of a few graduating students (high school seniors). There are 16 of them, including 9 girls and 7 boys. And in a month’s time, they’ll be taking their State Examination. So they’re at an important crossroads in their lives.

We also wanted to share with you some parents’ impressions of the institution to which they have sent their children.


Jospin Tengetenge

Jospin Tengetenge

I’m 18 years old and I’m very happy to be finishing high school. I started my secondary education here at the Prince of Peace School Complex in 2018. After 6 years, I don’t regret the time I have spent here. In fact, I received good all-around support and an education that prepared me for my life tomorrow. The teachers have impressed me with their particular attention to the needs of the students: they are there to accompany us and help us, as much as necessary, to grasp the material.

The environment where the school is located has helped me focus a lot: I appreciate the calm and the nature. I’ve made lots of friends and haven’t had a conflict with anyone in my 6 years here.

As for the state exams coming up in a few weeks’ time, I’m not really afraid. I’m confident that everything will go well. With the guidance I’ve received here and the time I’ve put into preparing for the exam, I’m sure I’ll get my state diploma.

As for my future, I’d like to continue my studies in the area of medical science. My ideal is to contribute to the improvement of society’s health, especially as, locally, we are faced with so many illnesses.

I’ve encouraged my little sister, Kavira Tengetenge, to attend this school too, so that she can benefit from good supervision. She’s in eighth grade.

Deborah Mughole Kambasu

Deborah Mughole Kambasu

My name is Deborah Mughole Kambasu and I am 18 years old. I’m finishing my sixth year of secondary school and preparing for my state exams. I’ve spent 3 years here at Prince of Pesace School Complex. Before that, I was at Lycée Mwandu (a school run by the Oblate Sisters of the Assumption) but my parents preferred that I complete my secondary education here. In any case, I don’t regret coming here. I’ve benefited from closer supervision at every level. I feel stronger in my Christian faith. I’ve improved my French and English.

Thanks to my results here, my parents have decided to enroll my little brother, Mulere Kambasu, who is in eighth grade.
I won’t hesitate to recommend the school to friends and acquaintances.

I’m ready to face the state exams. I know I’ll do well.

I’ve lived with a respiratory problem since childhood. That’s why I’m interested in studying medicine. With my parents’ consent, that’s where I’d like to go. May God help me.

Esther Kavira Vyambwe

Esther Kavira Vyambwe

I’m Esther Kavira and I’ve been here at the Prince of Peace School Complex for 6 years. I’m 18 years old. I deliberately chose to study here even though I come from far away. In fact, I travel more than 5 km to get to school. My time here has been steady and very positive. The dedication of the teachers has left a lasting impression on me. I’ll always have fond memories of this school. The only downside is that the students need a place to play sports. I’d like to draw the administration’s attention to this need, because it’s important for students to practice different sports.

I also encourage the school to acquire a bus to transport students who, like me, come from areas far from the school.

Once I’ve obtained my state diploma, I’d like to continue my studies in Agronomy. My dream is to become an agricultural engineer with a focus on the processing of agricultural products.

Thanks Binti Mulivati

Thanks Binti Mulivati

I’m Thanks Binti Mulivati and I’m 18 years old. I have been attending this school for 6 years. My time here has been very positive and I will remember it fondly. I’ve received a lot of encouragement from the teachers and school administrators. It’s given me a boost and I think I’m ready to face the state exams.

I took the Agricultural Industry track because we have a lot of food-related problems here in our region. My dream is to be part of the solution to these problems. That’s what I’d like to do at university.

I’ve even encouraged my little sister, Orlena Mutahya, to come and study here at Prince of Peace too.

I would like to thank all the teachers for their guidance.

Jean-Louis Kahinga Ngoyi

Jean-Louis Kahinga Ngoyi

My name is Jean-Louis Ngoyi and I am 18 years old. I’m just finishing my secondary education. I’ve spent 6 years here at this school and it has shaped me well. I recognize that I’ve benefited from a good education and that’s a great legacy that I carry with me. The teachers are kind and respectful.

As I continue my training, I’m not quite sure what to choose yet. But I’ve often dreamed of becoming a doctor or a lawyer. In any case, I have to make up my mind and ask my parents for advice. In any event, I feel I’ve been given a solid foundation for university studies.

Compiled by Fr. Salvator K. Musande, a.a.
Overseer of the Prince of Peace Project


To begin with, we would like to give thanks to the Lord who offers us the strength to extend his Kingdom through the education of youth that the Church and society entrust to us with their parents’ support.

Indeed, on May 28, 2024, we were delighted to talk to three parents about their impressions of the Assumptionist-run school (mainly the secondary section). Here are some of the highlights of our discussions.

Mr. Mungelo

Mr. Mungelo

Mr. Mungelo is the father of second-year science student Pascal. He told us that his choice of Prince of Peace for his son is based on his Catholic faith, the same faith that inspires the school. He is aware and reassured of the exceptional quality of the training offered here. He had chosen, he says, to withdraw his son from the school where he was studying before, to enroll him at Prince of Peace. It was not a far-fetched decision, he says. His child was offered a more demanding education at Prince of Peace, right to the end, even if from time to time he finds himself a little frightened by the scientific rigor that characterizes Prince of Peace.

Mr. Kambale Kibonge

Mr. Kambale Kibonge

Mr. Kibonge is the father of Katungu, seventh-grade B, basic education. He chose Prince of Peace for his part, given that the Assumptionist Fathers train children properly, following the example of their founder, Father Emmanuel d’Alzon. According to Papa Kibonge, Father Emmanuel d’Alzon emphasized the importance of a good education for young people. And Prince of Peace is not far from this founding principle. This parent loves the school. He is more than willing to recommend Prince of Peace to other parents. All his children study here and like their school. However, Papa Kibonge suggests that study hours could be more demanding, given the high academic expectations.

Mrs. Masika Masudi

Mrs. Masika Masudi

Mrs. Masudu is the mother of Kathya Lumalisa, a seventh-grade basic education student. For her, Prince of Peace is geographically close to home. It’s a school run by priests. Priests are better trained. These are just some of the reasons, says Maman Masudi, why she prefers Prince of Peace on a daily basis. Her child, like her mother, loves the school. Mama Masudi confirms that when she recommends the school to other parents, they are eager to bring their children here. However, the family’s lack of school fees means that they have to take their other children elsewhere.

These are just a few of parents’ reactions. They were happy to participate in these interviews. We hope to provide our benefactors more impressions in the future.
Béni, May 28, 2024


As the Prince of Peace School Project expands its facilities to welcome a greater number of students in the upper-level classes, additional space is needed for classrooms, labs, resource rooms, recreations areas, etc.

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